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 Plate Tectonics-Videos
  number of videos: 39       last edited: 11/8/17

 Alfred Wegener- Continental Drift
   Alfred Wegener and Continental Drift  (2:15)

   Continental Drift- Evidence  (21:41)

 Seafloor Spreading

   Sea Floor Spreading with Bill Nye  (4:01)
   Sea Floor Spreading- Science Channel  (1:11)

 Continental Movements
   Earth’s History- Last 600 Million Years

   Wilson Cycle-splitting up of a continent         short
   650 million years in under 2 minutes    
   Continental Movements Through Time  
              (same, but with subtitles)

    Faults and Joints

 Plate Boundaries
    Types of Boundaries
    Plate Boundaries  (20:17)

    Mariana Trench Formation  good
    Cascadia Subduction Zone  (21:10)
    Subduction Zone in Action (Model)  1:26


 Mount Everest/ Himalays
     Himalayan Collision   no sound
     Mount Everest Formation   short, but good
     Himalayas Forming in 2 Minutes  (2:27)
     Formation of the Himalayas  (1:14)

  Mid-Atlantic Ridge
    Mid Atlantic Split in Iceland  (0:19) 
  San Andreas Fault

    San Andreas Fault – Discovery Channel  (3:02)
East African Rift Valley
    The Great Rift Valley of East Africa  (15:00)

 Plate Tectonics
    Tectonics of the Planet Earth  (14:38)
    Plate Tectonics- A Documentary  (7:40)
    The Early Earth and Plate Tectonics
        good, long presentation
    Plate Tectonics- by Isaac Fram
    The Theory of Plate Tectonics

National Geographic Colliding Continents

    Three Types of Plate Movement

    The Story of Earth and Life  (1:30:00)

Plate Tectonics (convection)-Geo Dharma

    Scotese Plate Tectonics
                very good series-but no sound
 Magnetic Reversals
    Magnetic Reversals and Seafloor Spreading  (3:16)
    Magnetic Field Reversal  (2:35)

    Convection in the Mantle  (1:13)

 Results of Plate Tectonics
     Japanese Tsunami