Metamorphic Rocks
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Metamorphic Rocks
number of videos:  30           last edited 5/19/15

  Metamorphic Rocks-general lectures
                       (part of classroom video)

   Slate Roofing
   Splitting Slate
   Slate Quarry Tour

   Snowdon Slate Quarry

   Phyllite from Virginia
   Talc Mine-a variety of Phyllite
   Talc Mining in Afghanistan


   Mica Schist
   Garnet Mica Schist-under the microscope


   Samples of Gneiss (musical)
   Gneiss from Colorado **
   Gneiss from Virginia **
   Acasta Gneiss- World's Oldest Rock


   Mining Carrara marble 
   Alabama marble quarry
   Marble mining-Colorado
   Marble cutting machine
   Marble statute making- India
   Carving a marble face
   Carving a marble pieta
   The Marble Boat-China
   Ancient Roman marble architecture
   Roman Coliseum (marble)

   Hornfels from Oregon