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 Glacier and Glaciation Videos
number of videos: 26/30     last edited:  11/8/17

 glaciers-time lapse photography
  Belcher glacier-time lapse photography
Underneath a melting glacier
        sound-very good
  Mont Blanc glacier-time lapse
        sound-very good
 glaciers calving
   Very Big Glacier Calving
Glacier Calving- Big Wave
Glacier Calving Turns Dangerous
Glacial Surfing (stupid)
More Glacial Surfing (still stupid)

 valley glaciers
  Flying up a glacier-time lapse
        sound (music) good
Glacier National Park- Canada

  Mount Hood- View from the Bergschrund
Repelling the Bergschrund

 glacial grooves
  Kelley's Island Glacial Grooves
Glacial Grooves

  glacier lake draining suddenly
Antarctic Ice Shelf Falling Off
Antarctic Ice Shelf Breaking Up

 ice ages
  glaciation of Columbia Valley
        very good
The Last Ice Age-time lapse

Glaciation of Northeast U.S.
Global Warming or a New ice Age---good

  Fjords of Norway


Iceberg Flipping Over  (after ad)
Iceberg Rolling Over
Climbing Icebergs