Earthquake and Tsunami

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Earthquake Videos
number of videos:  24   last edited 12/15/15


  Deadliest earthquakes on Mother Earth-1 Nova    
  Earthquakes 101-National Geographic  (2:33)   
  Earthquake Destruction- National Geographic  (2:22)
  Loma Prieta , California Earthquake
  Earthquake Destruction-National Geographic
  Earthquake Security Camera Footage
     no sound
  Earthquake Shakes Water in Swimming Pool
Supermarket in Japan Hit by Earthquake
  Earth Destruction in California
  Japan Earthquake
Building Swaying During Earthquake

  Earthquake shakes Taipei Skyscraper

  1989 San Francisco earthquake- First Minutes KGO TV)  (49:17)
  2015 Earthquake in Nepal- Live Footage  (7:31)               
  1906 San Francisco Earthquake Haak Walter  (10:15)
  Earthquake Engineering at Scripps  (54:36)

Vertical Seismograph
Horizontal Seismograph 
BN Seismometers and How to Make Your Own

Japanese Tsunami 2011

Tohku Tsunami Strikes Sandai Japan 2011 End Times News  (5:30)

Tsunami 101- National Geographic  (3:28)
The Most  Shocking Tsunami Video-  Japan  (4.57)
he Most Unbelievable Footage of Japanese Footage -2011 Sky News  (6:50)