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Roger Weller, geology instructor    copyright 2018-R.Weller
last edited:  3/24/18    number of photos: 24

Stop 1. start tour-cave entrance
Stop 2. cave guide 
Stop 3. U.S.G.S. marker
Stop 4. boxwork stalactites
Stop 5. boxwork stalactites-closer view 
Stop 6. cave popcorn (fungus)                                    

Stop 7
Stop 8
Stop 9. rocks on cave floor 
Stop 10. fractured limestone 
Stop 11
Stop 12
Stop 13. stalagmite
Stop 14. rock debris on cave floor
Stop 15. rock that fell from cave ceiling

Stop 16
Stop 17. rocks colored by iron oxides 
Stop 18. climbing deeper into the cave
Stop 19. rocks colored by iron oxides
Stop 20. rock debris from cave ceiling 
Stop 21
Stop 22
Stop 23
Stop 24. floor of cave

Photos courtesy of Ryan Yearicks
Photos are copyright free for non-commercial educational uses. 
Just credit photos to Ryan Yearicks/Cochise College