New Mexico-Carlsbad Caverns  
Cochise College   
GROUNDWATER and CAVES                                        

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Roger Weller, geology instructor   copyright 2018-R.Weller

last edited:  3/24/18    number of photos:  22

Cave Features
stalactite and stalagmite approaching each other
stalactite and stalagmite just touching
large column                                                                    
stalactites and a large stalagmite
stalactites:  A  B  C
soda straw stalactites:  A
lumpy and bacon slab stalactites:  A  B
original porous limestone:  A


Collapse of Stalactites
gap where stalactites broke loose:  A  B
broken stalactites on cave floor

Large Caverns
large caverns:  A  B  C
Small Cavern Areas
small caverns:  A  B  C  D  E

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