California  - Mount Whitney Granite Features             
Cochise College                                            

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Roger Weller, geology instructor   copyright 2015-R.Weller 
last edited:  12/20/15    number of photos:  25 

graphic granite


aplite veins and dikes
aplite veins:  A  B
aplite veins cutting xenolith


exfoliation of granite
granite exfoliation:  A

fault surface
fault surface with epidote:  A  B

granite porphyry
granite porphyry:  A  B

large feldspar phenocryst in granite porphyry:  A


granodiorite:  A

sheared granodiorite:  A

coarse grained igneous rocks
graphic granite:  A
pegmatite:  A

joints in granite

joints in granite:  A  B

weathered joints in granite:  A

plant growing in joint


schlieren in granite:  A  B  C                                                                 


thin layer of soil:  A



xenoliths in granite:  A  B  C  D

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