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Roger Weller, geology instructor   copyright 2018-R.Weller

last edited:  3/24/18    number of photos: 26

Stop 1.  start tour-cave entrance
Stop 2.  giant complex stalactite
Stop 3.  tip of stalactite
Stop 4.  stalactites
Stop 5.  massive stalactite
Stop 6.  another massive stalactite                                   

Stop 7.  column
Stop 8.  stairway
Stop 9.  drapery stalactites
Stop 10.  lots of stalactites
Stop 11.  strange grouping of stalactites
Stop 12.  complex column
Stop 13.  stalactites covering cave ceiling
Stop 14.  dark area in cave
Stop 15.  line of stalactites

Stop 16.  large room within cave
Stop 17.  polished stalagmite
Stop 18.  stalagmites
Stop 19.  stairway
Stop 20.  cave floor
Stop 21.  complex stalactite drapery
Stop 22.  polished cave floor
Stop 23.  stalagmite
Stop 24.  stalagmite
Stop 25.  stalagmite
Stop 26.  leaving the cave

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