Greece  -  Santorini  
        remnants of a volcanic explosion               
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Roger Weller, geology instructor  copyright 2017-R.Weller

last edited:  10/24/17    number of photos: 38


Stop 1.  START TOUR-arrival by ship                                        
Stop 2.  houses perched above cliff
Stop 3.  layers of pyroclastics exposed on cliff
Stop 4.  ash layer on top of cliff
Stop 5.  weathered volcanics
Stop 6.  more weathered volcanics
Stop 7.  steps to the top
Stop 8.  any place you can put a building
Stop 9.  layers of lava flows
Stop 10. fresh-looking pyroclastics
Stop 11. more blocky pyroclastics
Stop 12. hiking path
Stop 13. the only shade
Stop 14. view from the central island
Stop 15. hiking across the central island
Stop 16. narrow trail-tipped camera
Stop 17. better view of narrow trail                            
Stop 18. too close to the edge
Stop 19. talus slope of loose volcanics
Stop 20. It just takes one wrong step to slip.
Stop 21. large pyroclastic block
Stop 22. dark, younger volcanics
Stop 23. contrast in color of volcanics
Stop 24. overview of younger volcanics
Stop 25. great view
Stop 26. another view from central island
Stop 27. Brown water is area of hot springs.
Stop 28. the long climb
Stop 29. red oxidized pyroclastics on top of lava flows
Stop 30. another view of lava flows
Stop 31. oxidized pyroclastics
Stop 32. beach chairs on narrow beach
Stop 33. oxidized pyroclastics
Stop 34. path to the narrow beach
Stop 35. pathway among the pyroclastics
Stop 36. view from the central island
Stop 37. buildings on Santorini
Stop 38. view from the highest point

Photos courtesy of Brent Weller
Photos are copyright free for non-commercial educational uses. 
Just credit photos to Brent Weller.