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Roger Weller, geology instructor                                 

The following 46 geology web pages were developed
by Cochise College students.
Materials contained within these presentations are from many sources.
These web pages are intended only for non-commercial educational uses.

volcano articles

S.P. Crater, San Francisco volcanic field, Flagstaff, Arizona

Remnants of Long Ago Giants- Jaci Sieler- (Spring 2013)
          A View of the Chiricahua Mountains: From the Air-
                        Charles Garrett  (Spring 2006)
Hiking in the Chiricahua National Monument, Arizona-
                        Vivian Lewis  (Fall 2005)

          San Francisco Peaks-Flagstaff, Arizona-
                        David Berlin  (Spring 2005)
San Bernardino Volcanic Field, Cochise County

                         Mollie Hobbs (Fall 2011)
          Long Valley Caldera, California-
                        Jonathan McCracken  (Fall 2007)
          Wheeler Volcanic Area-San Juan Mountains, Colorado-
                               Yvonne Carter (Spring 2009)

           The History of Kaua'i- Krystal Hitchins (Fall 2009)
           Diamondhead Crater-
Svetlana Melton (Fall 2011)
           Mauna Kea, The Tallest Mountain-
                        Steven Kim  (Spring 2010)
 Shoshone Indian Ice Caves, Idaho-
Season Osterfield (Spring 2013)
  New Mexico
         Carrizozo Malpais Lava Field, New Mexico-
April Carty (Spring 2009)
          Crater Lake, Oregon
- Jennifer Jacobs  (Fall 2005)
          Crater Lake, Oregon-
Rebekah Devine (Spring 2011)
 Mount Rainier: An Active Volcano in Wait-
                        Angelina McKee  (Spring 2006)

          Is Mount Rainier getting ready to erupt?-
 Adrienne Jones  (Spring 2014)
          Remarkable Mt. St. Helens
- Carol Baker  (Spring 2006)
    Exploring Ape Caves- D. Betz  (Fall 2013)
                    (Joann Deakin, instructor)

          Yellowstone Caldera- Jerry Stroupe  (Spring 2007)
          The Yellowstone Caldera-
Raakia Jones-Eaton (Fall 2015)
          Devils Tower: The Misnamed Intrusion-
                        Elizabeth Le Compte  (Spring 2014)      

          Hell on Earth- The Yellowstone Caldera-

                        Tyler Leucht  (Spring 2010)
Why we won't all die from a Yellowstone Eruption-
                        Robert Posey IV  (Spring 2010)

volcanism- outside of U.S.A.
        Mt. Erebus below the Antarctic Circle- Steve Presher (Spring 2015)
      Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands- Joanne Soper (Fall 2011)
  Dormant Honduras Volcanoes- Isis Berger (Fall 2011)
           The Icelandic Golden Circle-
Taylor Puckett (Fall 2013)
Krakatua: The Beast from the East- Natalee Zufelt (Spring 2015)
  Kawa Ijen: Home of Blue Lava- Jeannel Hilton  (Fall 2015)
    Mount Vesuvius, Italy- Michelle Sciarrone  (Fall 2005)                               
   Mount Vesuvius, Italy- Crystal Crow  (Fall 2005)
When the World Ended- the Eruption of Thera
                         Mark Nobles  (Fall 2007)
             The Eruption of Santorini-
                         Latina Williams  (Spring 2007)
Proving the Exodus (Santorini)-
                         Ashley Forbes (Fall 2009)
           Eruptions of Mt. Etna- Detric Miles  (Fall 2009)
Pompeii- Frances Jacob  (Fall 2013)
                       (Joann Deakin, instructor)
         Mt. Fuji- Daniel Bonser (Fall 2015)
 The Sleeping Giant Awakens (Mt. Pinatubo)
                         Shelly Gordon (Fall 2009)
  Mount Pinatubo, the eruption that rocked a nation-
                          Sarah Biron (Spring 2011)
Mount Pinatubo- Emmanuel Padilla (Spring 2012)
  Mayon Volcano: The Perfect Cone
- Jeroel A. Padilla (Fall  2010)
Volcanoes of Lanzarote, Spain-
Edwina Brown (Spring 2014)

Olympus Mons, Mars- Kelley Paskell (Fall 2011)

Types of Volcanism
Composite, Cinder Cone, and Shield Volcanoes-
                         Elizabeth Light  (Fall 2007)
          Volcanic Lahars- Lucas Cordero (Spring 2009)
                        Kimberly Stineburg (Spring 2008)
  Pillow Lavas- Crystal Crow  (Spring 2006)