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walrus fossil   fossil photograph

wardite   mineral photos
Washington, APE Cave tour   photos
Washington geology   Internet links
Washington, Mount Saint Helens    photo tour
Washington, Mount Saint Helens volcanic ash   photo collection
Washington, Mount Saint Helens volcanic tuff   photo collection
water table   geology cartoon

wave action
wavellite   mineral photos
weathering   YouTube videos
weathering of silicate minerals   special lecture and photos
weeksite   mineral photos
Weller's spaghetti theory of magma   geology cartoon

Wellington, Washington avalanche
weloganite   mineral photos
West Virginia geology   Internet links
Wetumpka Meteorite Impact Site, Georgia   geology maps
whale skeleton model   photograph

Wheeler Volcanic Area, Colorado
Whetstone Mountains, Cochise County, Arizona-geology   maps, views, references
White Sands, New Mexico #1
White Sands, New Mexico #2
Widmanstatten pattern in meteorites
Willcox Playa, Cochise County, Arizona-geology   maps, references
Williston Basin, North Dakota   geology maps
Winchester Mountains, Cochise County, Arizona   references

Wisconsin geology   Internet links
witherite   mineral photos
wolframite   mineral photos
wollastonite   mineral photos
worm fossils   photo collection

worms affecting soil
wulfenite   mineral photos
wulfenite from Bisbee   mineral photos
wurtzite   mineral photos
Wyoming- dendritic drainage basin   Google geology project
Wyoming, Devils Tower   photo tour

Wyoming geology

Wyoming geology  Internet links
Wyoming-oil wells   Google Earth geology project
Wyoming, Yellowstone National Park   photo tour

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