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taconite   rock photos

Tahquamenon Falls, Michigan
talc   mineral photos
tantalite   mineral photos
tantalum, a cause for war
tantalum and cell phones
tanzanite gemstone #1
tanzanite gemstone #2
tanzanite- gemstone photos   gemstone photos
tapir fossil   fossil photograph

tattoo inks
teaching lessons K-6, crystal shapes
teaching lessons K-6, plate tectonics
teaching lessons K-6, science experiments
teaching lessons 2nd grade, general geology
teaching lessons 3rd grade, fossils
teaching lessons 3rd grade, metamorphism
teaching lessons 3rd grade, rock identification
teaching lessons 5th grade, Mohs scale of hardness
teaching lessons K-12, geology-general
tectonic borders, types
tectonics-folded rock layers in Australia   Google Earth geology project
tectonics-folded rock layers in Montana   Google Earth geology project
teeth whitening by oil pulling
tektites   photo collection
tektites, origin
tennantite   mineral photos
Tennessee geology   Internet links
Tennessee Valley Authority
Tepius-Sky Islands
Texas geology   Internet links
Tharsis Plateau, Mars   student paper
theropod fossil   fossil photograph

thomsonite   gemstone photos
thomsonite   mineral photos
thorite   mineral photos
Thrust Belt, Wyoming   geology maps
thrust fault   geology cartoon
thunderegg, polished  specimen photo

tidewater glaciers
tigerís eye, gemstone
tiger's eye   gemstone photos
tin, element
tincalconite   mineral photos
titanite   mineral photos
titanothere fossil   fossil photograph
Tombstone, Arizona geology
Tombstone Hills, Cochise County, Arizona-geology   maps, views, references, fossils
Tonto Natural Bridge, Arizona
tool marks (sedimentary structures)   rock photos
toothpaste minerals
toothpaste, What is it?
topaz, gemstone #1
topaz, gemstone #2
topaz   gemstone photos
topaz   mineral photos
top geological features in the United States   Internet links

topographic maps
torbernite   mineral photos
tornadoes #1
tornadoes #2
toughness   geology cartoon
tourmalinated quartz   gemstone photos
tourmaline   mineral photos
tourmaline-translucent   gemstone photos
tourmaline-transparent   gemstone photos
trachyte   rock photos
travertine   rock photos

travertine from Bisbee   mineral photos
treatment of gemstones
tremolite  mineral photos
trench   geology cartoon

Tetragonal Crystal System   models and mineral examples
Triclinic Crystal System   models and mineral examples
trilobite fossils   photo collection
trilobites, general

trilobites, largest
trinitites (sand fused by nuclear blast)   photo collection
triphylite   mineral photos
trona   mineral photos
tsavorite photos   gemstone photos
tsunamis and earthquakes   YouTube videos

tsunamis, warning system
Tucson, Arizona   geology maps
Tucson Mountains, Pima County, Arizona-geology   maps, views, references

tuff   rock photos
Tully Monster
tumble-polished   gemstone photos
tungsten history
tungsten rings
turbidites, Anchor Bay, California   photo collection
turbidites, Malibu, California   photo tour
turbulent flow   geology cartoon

turgite from Bisbee   mineral photos
turquoise, Bisbee #1
turquoise, Bisbee #2
turquoise from Bisbee   mineral photos
turquoise   gemstone photos
turquoise  mineral photos
turquoise, general #1
turquoise, general #2
turquoise, history
turquoise, used by Indians #1
turquoise, used by Indians #2
Twinned Crystal drawings
Twinned Crystals   models and mineral examples

Tyrannosaurus Rex
Tyrone mine reclamation

tyuyamunite   mineral photos

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