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saber tooth cat fossil   fossil photograph

Sabino glass
sabre tooth cats
Saint Francis Dam, California
Sakurajima volcano, Japan   student paper
salt   rock photos
saltation   geology cartoon
saltation of sand   geology cartoon

salt beds, Germany
Salton Sea, California   photo tour
San Andreas Fault, California
San Andreas Fault-plate tectonics   plate tectonics margins project
San Bernardino Volcanic Field, Arizona
San Bernardino Valley, Cochise County, Arizona-geology   maps, views, references
San Bernardino volcanic field   Google Earth geology project
sand dune-barchan   geology cartoon
S and P waves   geology cartoons

sand dunes-Imperial Sand Dunes, California   photo tour
sandstone   rock photos
sandstone-mature and immature   geology cartoon
San Jacinto Mountains, C

San Francisco Earthquake, California
San Francisco Peaks, Arizona
San Pedro River, Arizona
San Pedro River, Arizona-area geology   geologic history
San Pedro Valley, Cochise County, Arizona-geology   maps, references, views
San Simon Valley, Cochise County Arizona   map, references
Santa Catalina Mountains, Pima County, Arizona-geology   maps, views, references

Santa Monica, California-geology   photo tour
Santorini eruption #1
Santorini eruption #2
sapphire   gemstone photos
sapphires #1
sapphires #2   to be fixed
sapphires #3
sapphire, star   gemstone photos
sapphire types   student paper
saprolite   geology cartoon

scapolite   gemstone photos
scapolite   mineral photos
scarp   geology cartoon
scheelite   mineral photos
schist   rock photos
schist/gneiss   geology cartoon
schlieren (igneous features)   rock photos
science experiments
scolecite    mineral photos
scorpion fossils   photo collection
sea arch-Hana, Maui, Hawaii   photo
sea bottom fossils   photo collection
sea cucumber fossils   photo collection
seafloor spreading   geology cartoon
sea stacks-Hana, Maui, Hawaii   photo
Seattle, Washington   geology maps
sea urchin fossils   photo collection
sedimentary rocks   rock photos
sedimentary rocks   YouTube videos

sedimentary structures   rock photos
seismogram   geology cartoon

seismology, measuring earthquakes
septarian nodule, cut   rock photo
seraphinite   gemstone photos
serpentine   gemstone photos
serpentine   mineral photos
serpentine   rock photos
septarian nodules   rock photos
shale   rock photos

sharks, frilled
shattuckite from Bisbee   mineral photos
sheetwash   geology cartoon
shield volcano   geology cartoon
shield volcano-Haleakala, Maui, Hawaii   photo tour
shortite   mineral photos
Shoshone Indian Cave, Idaho
shrimp fossils   photo collection
siderite   mineral photos
siderite from Bisbee   mineral photos
Sierra Nevada Mountains, California   geology maps
Sierrita Mountains, Pima County, Arizona  maps, references
silicate minerals, chemical weathering   special lecture and photos
silica tetrahedron   geology cartoon

silicon, element

slickensides   geology cartoon
sill (concordant intrusion)   geology cartoon
sillimanite   geology cartoon

sillimanite   mineral photos
sillimanite, catseye   gemstone photos

sillimanite-transparent   gemstone photos
siltstone   rock photos

silver   mineral photos
silver, element
silver from Mexico
silver mysticism
six crystal systems
skarn   rock photos
skutterudite   mineral photos
slag from smelter   photo collection
slate   rock photos
slate tunnel, northern Colorado   photo

sliding rocks- Death Valley, California
slot canyons
sloths, giant
slump   geology cartoon
smaltite   mineral photos
smelter slag   photo collection
smithsonite   mineral photos
smoky quartz   gemstone photos
smoky quartz crystal  mineral specimen

snow avalanches
snowflake obsidian   specimen photo
sodalite   gemstone photos
sodalite   mineral photos
soda niter   mineral photos
soil, decomposed basalt-Maui, Hawaii   photo

soil, effects of fire
soil erosion
soil, gardening
soil, general
soil in Iowa
soil layers   geology cartoon
soil layers, Kebler Pass, Colorado   photo
soil nutrition
soil pH
soil, sacred
soil survey
Solnhofen Limestone- Germany
South Carolina geology   Internet links
South Dakota geology   Internet links
South Dakota, Mount Rushmore   photo tour
South Dakota, Wind Cave   photo tour
southeastern Arizona-general geology   references
southeastern Arizona-geology   collection of websites
southeastern Arizona-igneous rocks   references
southeastern Arizona-mines in Cochise County   Internet link
southeastern Arizona-rock outcrops   maps
southeastern Arizona-stratigraphy   references 
S.P. Crater, Flagstaff, Arizona are volcanics   Google Earth geology project
spaghetti theory of magma   geology cartoon
Spanish Peaks, Colorado   geology maps
sphalerite   mineral photos
spider fossils   photo collection

spinel   gemstone photos
spinel   mineral photos
spodumene   mineral photos
sponge fossils   photo collection

stalactite cross-section  rock photo
stalactites and stalagmites   geology cartoon
stalactites and stalagmites-Bisbee, Arizona cave   photo
stalactites and stalagmites-Carlsbad caverns   photo tour
stalactites, musical-Luray Caverns   YouTube video
stalagmite cross-section   rock photo

starfish fossils   photo collection
star quartz   gemstone photos
star rubies and sapphires
Starved Rock, Illinois
state geology links   Internet links
staurolite   mineral photos
stellar synthesis of elements
stibiconite   mineral photos
   mineral photos
stibnite   mineral photos
stichtite   mineral photos
stilbite   mineral photos
stony meteorites   photo collection
stony-iron meteorites   photo collection
stream basin- dendritic drainage   Google geology project
stream competence   geology cartoon
stream energy   geology cartoon
stream load   geology cartoon
stream piracy   Google geology project

stream profile   geology cartoon
strike slip fault   geology cartoon
stromatolite fossils   photo collections
strontianite   mineral photos
structural geology and mountains    YouTube videos
subduction and Benioff zones   geology cartoons

subduction zone, Puerto Rico Trench
suevite-meteorite impactite   specimen photo
sugulite   gemstone photos
sugulite   mineral photos
sulfur   mineral photos
sulfur dioxide   geology cartoon

sulfur, element

Sulphur Springs Valley, Cochise County, Arizona   maps, references
Sunset Crater, Arizona   Google Earth geology project

sunstone-translucent   gemstone photos
sunstone-transparent   gemstone photos
sulphohalite   mineral photos
Swisshelm Mountains, Cochise County, Arizona-geology   maps, references
syenite   rock photos
sylvite   mineral photos
synclinal fold   geology cartoon

synthetic gemstones   gemstone photos