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radial drainage   Google geology project
radioactivity-alpha decay   geology cartoon
raindrop imprints (sedimentary structures)  rock photos
ramsdellite   mineral photos
radiation effects #1
radiation effects #2
radioactivity and atomic structure   YouTube videos
ramsdellite   mineral photos
Ramsey Canyon, Arizona
Ransome, Geology of the Bisbee Quadrangle, 168 pages   online publication
rapids, Poudre River, Colorado   photo tour
reaction rims (metamorphic)   rock photos
Real De Catorce, Mexico
realgar   mineral photos
Red Sea Rift, S.Africa   plate tectonic margins project
regional metamorphism   geology cartoon

reptile fossils (including dinosaurs)   photo collection
rezoning farmland
rhinoceras evolution
rhinoceras fossil   fossil photograph
Rhode Island geology   Internet links
rhodium, the element
rhodochrosite   gemstone photos
rhodochrosite   mineral photos
rhodochrosite from Bisbee   mineral photos
rhodonite   gemstone photos
rhodonite   mineral photos
rhyolite   gemstone photos
rhyolite   rock photos
riebeckite   mineral photos
Rincon Mountains, Arizona
Rio Grande Rift-Northern Portion, New Mexico   geology maps
Rio Grande Rift   plate tectonics margins project
ripple marks-Maui, Hawaii   photo

ripple marks (sedimentary structures)   rock photos
rivers in northern Africa deserts   Google Earth geology project

rock crystal (quartz)-translucent   gemstone photos
rock crystal (quartz)-transparent   gemstone photos
rock cycle   geology cartoon

rock identification, lesson plan
rocks in art
rocks, introduction   geology cartoon
rock slides, Flim Mountain
rocks of war, history of throwing rocks
Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado-glacial features   photo tour
romanechite   mineral photos
Roosevelt Lake, Arizona
Roosevelt Lake, Arizona   geology maps
rosasite   mineral photos
rose quartz
rose quartz   gemstone photos
rose quartz   mineral specimen

rubies #1
rubies #2

rubies, star
ruby, star   gemstone photos
ruby-(transparent)   gemstone photos
ruby types   student paper
Russia, Ural Mountains-ore deposits and mines   Google Earth geology project

rutilated quartz   gemstone photos
rutile   mineral photos