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Pacific tree frogs
paint pigments
Paonia, Colorado-fossil leaves  photo collection
Palm Springs, California-geology   photo tour
P and S waves   geology cartoon

paragonite   mineral photos
partial melting   geology cartoon
Patagonia Mountains, Southeastern Arizona  map

pearl   gemstone photos
Pecos diamond quartz crystal   mineral specimen

pectolite (larimar)   gemstone photos
pectolite   mineral photos
Pedregosa Mountains, Cochise County, Arizona-geology   maps, references
pegmatite   rock photos

pelecypod fossils (clams)   photo collection
Pennsylvania geology   Internet links
pentlandite   mineral photos
peridot gemstone
peridot   gemstone photos
peridotite   rock photos
Perilla Mountains, Cochise County, Arizona   maps, references
perlite   rock photos
permeability   geology cartoon

Petrified Forest, Arizona
Petrified Forest, Arizona   geology maps
Petrified Forest, Arizona   YouTube videos
Petrified Forest, Arizona-map of log locations   Google Earth geology project

petrified wood
petrified wood   gemstone photos
petrologist   geology cartoon
phantom crystal   geology cartoon
phantom quartz crystal   mineral specimen

phantom quartz crystals
Phelps Dodge Corporation
phenacite   mineral photos
phillipsite   mineral photos
Philippines geology, Mayon volcano
phlogopite   mineral photos
   rock photos
phyllite   rock photos

Picacho Peak, Arizona
pietersite   gemstone photos
pig fossils   fossil photograph

Pikes Peak, Colorado
pillow lavas
pillow lavas   geology cartoon
Pinacates volcanic field, Mexico   Google Earth geology project

Pinal schist-views   photos
pitchstone   rock photos
plant fossils (ferns)   photo collection
plant fossils (leaves)   photo collection
plant fossils (trees)   photo collection
plate tectonics
Plate Tectonics Margins Using Google Earth   plate tectonics margins project
plate tectonics   YouTube videos
platinum   mineral photos
platinum, element
platinum vs. gold
platinum vs. tungsten
Pleistocene extinction
pluton   geology cartoon
point bar   geology cartoon
point bars   Google geology project

porosity   geology cartoon
porphyry   rock photos
porphyry and phenocryst   geology cartoon

Poudre River area, Colorado-geology   photo tour
precious metals
prehnite   gemstone photos
prehnite   mineral photos
problem fossils
proton and electron   geology cartoon
psilomelane   gemstone photos
psilomelane   mineral photos
ptygmatic folds   rock photos

Puerto Rico Trench
pumice   geology cartoon  
pumice   rock photos
pumice rafts
pumice, rock
pumpellyite   mineral photos
purpurite   mineral photos
pyramids, Egyptian
pyrargyrite   mineral photos
pyrite   mineral photos
pyrite from Bisbee   mineral photos
pyrochlore   mineral photos
pyrolusite   mineral photos
pyrolusite from Bisbee   mineral photos
pyromorphite   mineral photos
pyrophyllite   mineral photos
pyroxene group   mineral photos
pyroxenite   rock photos
pyrrhotite   mineral photos

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