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faceted gemstone   geology cartoon
feldspar   geology cartoon
feldspar group   mineral photos
Fenestrellina (bryozoa)   fossil photo
ferberite   mineral photos
ferroan dolomite   mineral photos
Finger Lakes, New York   geology maps
fiord   geology cartoon

fire effects on soil
fires, underground
fish fossils   photo collection
Flagstaff, Arizona   geology maps
Flagstaff Area Volcanics   Google Earth geology project
Flaming Gorge, Utah
flash flood video   YouTube video
flash floods
flint   rock photos
flood basalt   geology cartoon

floods   YouTube videos
Florida geology   Internet links
Florida Everglades    geology maps

Florida Keys
Florida Keys   geology maps
fluorapophyllite   mineral photos 
fluorescence   geology cartoon
fluorescent minerals
fluorichterite   mineral photos
fluoride health effects
fluorite   mineral photos
fluorite- gemstone photos (translucent)
fluorite- gemstone photos (transparent)
focus and epicenter   geology cartoon
folded rock layers-Australia   Google Earth geology project
folded rock layers-Montana   Google Earth geology project
folds-different types   geology cartoon
formation of Mid-Atlantic Ridge   geology cartoon

fossil leaves, Paonia area, Colorado   photo tour
fossils   YouTube videos
fossils, how created
Foundation formation, Colorado
fracture   geology cartoon
fracture, conchoidal   geology cartoon
francevillite   mineral photos
Frankfort, Kentucky   geology maps
franklinite   mineral photos
freeze-thaw weathering   YouTube video

French Joe Canyon, Arizona
friability   geology cartoon
frilled sharks
frog fossils   photo collection

fulgurites (lightning fused sand)   photo collection
fumarole   geology cartoon
fusion, nuclear   geology cartoon

fusulinid fossils   photo collection

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