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cabochon gemstone   geology cartoon
calcite   gemstone photos
calcite   mineral photos
calcite, dogtoothspar   geology cartoon

calcite from Bisbee   mineral photos
caledonite   mineral photos
caliche   geology cartoon
California, Anchor Bay   photo tour 
California, Catalina Island   photo tour 
California, coastline   photo tour 
California, Devils Postpile   photo tour    
California falling into the ocean?
California geology   Internet links
California gold rush
California, Imperial Sand Dunes   photo tour 
California, Laguna Beach   photo tour 
California, Lassen Peak   photo tour 
California, Long Valley caldera   photo tour
California, Malibu coastline   photo tour 
California, Mission Beach   photo tour 
California, Mono Craters   photo tour 
California, Mt. Whitney-glacial features   photo tour 
California, Mt. Whitney-granite features   photo tour
California, Salton Sea   photo tour 
California, San Jacinto Mountains-Palm Springs   photo tour 
California, Santa Monica   photo tour 
California, Yosemite   photo tour
camel fossil   fossil photograph
Canada, Eastern-meteorite impact crater search   Google Earth geology project 
Canada-glacial striations   Google Earth geology project
Canelo Hills geology   references
cancrinite   mineral photos
Cape Cod, Massachusetts   geology maps
carat   geology cartoon

carbon, graphene
carbon, the element
Caribbean Islands-Puerto Rico Trench   plate tectonics margins project
Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico   student paper
carnallite   mineral photos
carnelian   gemstone photos
carnotite   mineral photos
carpoid fossils   photo collection

Carrizozo Malapais lava field, New Mexico
Cascade Mountains   geology maps
Cascade volcanoes, Oregon   Google Earth geology project
Cascadia, earthquakes
cassiterite   mineral photos
Catalina Island, California   photo tour
cave formations   rock photos
cave, how to create   geology cartoon

cave of crystals, Mexico
cave onyx   rock photos
caves   YouTube videos
caves in Arizona 
cave types
celestite   mineral photos
cenotes in Mexico
cephalopods, misc. fossils   photo collection
cerulite   mineral photos
cerussite   mineral photos

cerussite from Bisbee   mineral photos
chabazite   mineral photos
Chad, desert rivers   Google Earth geology project
chalcanthite   mineral photos
chalcanthite from Bisbee   mineral photos

chalcedony   gemstone photos
chalcoalumite   mineral photos
chalcoalumite from Bisbee   mineral photos
chalcocite  mineral photos
chalcocite from Bisbee   mineral photos
chalcopyrite   mineral photos
chalicothere fossil  fossil photograph
chalk   geology cartoon
Charleston, South Carolina   geology maps

charoite   gemstone photos
chemical weathering of silicate minerals   special lecture and photos
chert   rock photos
chert nodules   rock photos
Chesapeake Bay   geology maps

Chicxulub meteor crater, Mexico   (mht)
Chiricahua Mountains, Arizona-geology   photos and references

Chiricahua Mountains, Arizona, hiking
Chiricahua Mountains, Arizona-seen from the Air
Chiricahuas, Guide to the Northern Chiricahuas, 4 p.  online publication
Chiricahuas-volcanism   online publication

chlorite   mineral photos
chondrite meteorites   photo collection
chondrodite   mineral photos
choosing a headstone
cinder cone   geology cartoon
cinder cones in the Flagstaff, Arizona volcanic area   Google Earth geology Project
cinder cones in the San Bernardino volcanic field    Google Earth geology project
cinder Cones in the White Mountains, Arizona   Google Earth geology project
cinder cone mining-Flagstaff, Arizona   Google Earth geology project

cinder cone mining- White Mountains, Arizona   Google Earth geology project
cinder cone volcanoes
chromite   mineral photos
chrysoberyl   mineral photos
chrysoberyl, catseye   gemstone photos
chrysocolla   mineral photos
chrysocolla   gemstone photos
chrysocolla from Bisbee   mineral photos

chrysoprase   gemstone photos
cinnabar   mineral photos
Cintura formation   photo

cirques-Kebler Pass, Colorado   photo
citrine   gemstone photos
classroom geology
clay used in pottery
clinoptilolite   mineral photos
coal   rock photos
cobaltoandolomite   mineral photos
Cochise County San Bernardino volcanic field   Google Earth geology project
coesite   mineral photos
colemanite   mineral photos
Colina limestone, views   photos
collophanite   mineral photos
Colonial Taxco, Mexico
Colorado, Fountain Formation
Colorado geology   Internet links
Colorado, Gunnison River Gorge   photo tour
Colorado, Kebler Pass   photo tour
Colorado Mineral Belt   geology maps
Colorado, Paonia fossils   photo collection
Colorado Plateau (NW and SW quadrants)   geology maps
Colorado Plateau (overview)   geology maps
Colorado, Poudre River area   photo tour
Colorado, Rocky Mountain National Park   photo tour
Colorado, Wheeler Volcanic Area
color in diamonds
Colossal Cave, Arizona
Columbia Plateau (Washington, Oregon, and Idaho)   geology maps
columbite   mineral photos
columnar jointing
columnar jointing, Devils Post Pile, California   photo tour
colusite   mineral photos
composite volcano   geology cartoon
composite volcanoes
conchoidal fracture   geology cartoon
concrete, how it is made
concrete, what is in it
concretions   rock photos
cone-in-cone structures   rock photos
cone of depression   geology cartoon

conflict diamonds
conglomerate   geology cartoon
conglomerate   rock photos
conichalcite   mineral photos
connellite   mineral photos
contact metamorphism   geology cartoon
contaminant plume   geology cartoon

continental drift
convection   geology cartoon
copper   mineral photos
copper from Bisbee   mineral photos
copper mine, Morenci
copper miner
copper mining in Bisbee
copper mining family in Bisbee
copper, the element
coprolite fossils     photo collection
coral   gemstone photos
coral fossils   photo collection

coral reefs
cordierite   mineral photos
core of the Earth   geology cartoon

core sampling
corundum   mineral photos
corundum, sapphire
cosalite   mineral photos
cosmetics and minerals
cosmetics, minerals used
cosmetics, safe minerals
Coso Volcanics, California   geology maps
country rock   geology cartoon

covellite   mineral photos
crab fossils   photo collection
Crater Lake, Oregon
Crater Lake, Oregon, another report
Crater Lake, Oregon   geology maps
Crater of Diamonds, Murfeesboro, Arkansas   geology map
creation of the Moon
creep   geology cartoon
crinoid fossils   photo collection
cristobalite   mineral photos
crocodile fossils #1
crocodile fossils #2
crocoite   mineral photos
cross bedding   rock photos
cryolite   mineral photos
cryptocrystalline   geology cartoon
Crystal Cave, Wisconsin
crystal growing
crystal growing- overview   lecture, instructions, photos
crystal growing recipes    Internet links
crystal growing-science fair projects   instructions
crystallographic systems-potato crystallography   instructions
Crystallography-Hexagonal system   models and mineral examples
Crystallography-Isometric system   models and mineral examples
Crystallography-Monoclinic system   models and mineral examples
Crystallography-Orthorhombic system   models and mineral examples
Crystallography- Systemic Mineralogy Tectbook, 1881. 383 p.
Crystallography-Tetragonal system   models and mineral examples
Crystallography-Triclinic system   models and mineral examples
Crystallography-Twinned Crystal drawings
Crystallography-Twinned Crystals   models and mineral examples
crystal shapes
crystal structure   geology cartoon
crystal symmetry-potato crystallography   instructions
crystals, growing alum crystals   instructions
crystal growing-commercial applications   Internet links
crystal growing-synthetic gemstones   YouTube video (excellent)*

growing ammonium phosphate crystals   instructions
crystals, growing copper sulfate crystals   instructions
crystals, growing salt crystals   instructions
crystals, growing sugar crystals   instructions
crystals, how they form   lecture
crystal, What is it?   lecture

cubic zirconia #1
cubic zirconia #2
cubic zirconia, how created
cubic zirconia   gemstone photos
Cullinan diamonds
cummingtonite   mineral photos
cuprite   mineral photos
cuprite from Bisbee   mineral photos
cut banks   Google geology project
cut off meanders   Google geology project
cyanotrichite   mineral photos

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