More Causes of Soil Erosion

Soil erosion caused by gravity

Gravity seems to get the best of everything, and soil is no exception.Gravity can effect soil erosion primarily with landslides and creep.A landslide is when, under the right circumstances, a chunk of land will break off and slide down an incline.A creep is a very slow version of a landslide.The soil will be pulled apart from gravity when the soil is on an incline.One more example of gravity causing erosion would be waterfalls.Although this does fall under water as well, the force of gravity pulls the water even more causing the soil to erode faster.Gravity can also help with the compaction of the soil.

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Soil erosion caused by animals

As with gravity animals compact the soil when they walk on it.Animals also cause erosion from over grazing and killing off the plants.They also burrow into the soil to make homes for themselves like snakes.This causes the roots of plants to be torn up and the soil to be a worse quality.Animals are usually not too harmful to the environment.The damage they cause it much less than a landslide or waterfall.Another less talked of way animals can affect the soil is by urinating on the plants.This in turns will eventually kill the plant which will stop the soil from staying together and the soil will be very prone to wind erosion.

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Soil erosion caused by humans

Humans are by far the biggest factor with the largest effect when it comes to soil erosion.With the population increasing world wide it isnít a surprise.With all the construction of houses and roads it is amazing just how much good soil we are using every year.Humans cause as much as 25% more erosion than any of the other possible factors like water.Farms have decreased due to a demanding growing population.It has also been said that in some third world countries farmers use low technology farming methods and this causes the soil to erode even faster.It can also be individuals that cause erosion.My Uncle purchased some land by a lake.There was a tiny peninsula that was nearly covered in trees.My uncle did not like the trees and cut them down.Within a few years the soil had eroded to the point that there is no more of the peninsula left.

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Above is a picture of the erosion from the road and some litter left there to rust and harm the environment.The lower picture is of my Uncles land.He removed all of the vegetation and none of it is there anymore.







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