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San Pedro River
Justin Banner
Historical Geology
Spring 2006

San Pedro River


The pictures on this page were taken In Hereford Arizona near the bridge on hwy 92, and on B.L.M land near my house while I was on my mountain bike.


This was taken while standing on the bridge, the water stays at about this level most of the year, but during monsoon season the water can raise high enough to cover that metal tube completely. You are not going to be able to put a boat on this river but if you are crazy enough, there a couple days during the year when you could catch one hell of a ride on an inflatable raft.


This post states that this is public property and that no motor vehicles are allowed.


This is where it is really fun to go ride your quad or whatever else suits you. I used to take my Jeep down here and go mud bogging after it rains.



On the left hand side of the river you can see a trail that Border Patrol and Mexicans use.


This is a private property, no trespassing Sign. I donít like that this is here. I donít think anyone should be able to own the river. Itís been cut down more than once, but they keep putting it back up








This tree was broken by one of the summer floods along the San Pedro River.