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Roger Weller, geology instructor
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Halemahina, Maui, Hawaii

The following geology web pages were
developed by Cochise College students.

Materials contained within these presentations are from                                                          
many sources.   These web pages are intended only for
non-commercial educational uses.
Number of presentations: 98

         Antelope Canyon- Wendy Welch (Spring 2009)
         Babacomari River- Richard Miller (Spring 2013)
         Barringer Crater, Arizona- John Roberts (Fall 2017)
 Barringer Meteor Crater- Katherine A. Smith (Fall 2011)
         Brown Canyon, Huachuca Mountains-
                 Vincent Festa (Spring 2008)
         Canyon de Chelly- April Tucker  (Spring 2014)

         Colossal Cave, Tucson, Arizona-
                  Rose Phillips  (Fall 2006)
         Coronado National Forest, Sierra Vista Area
                  Carol Hardin  (Fall 2006)
         Ghost Towns of Cochise County, Arizona-
                  Joel Hocker  (Fall 2005)                           
         Ghost Towns of Southeastern Arizona-
                  David Jimenez  (Spring 2006)
Grand Canyon- Jonathan Holmes (Spring 2008)
 Grand Canyon- Cherokee Shafer  (Spring 2014)
         French Joe Canyon, Whetstone Mountains-
                  Brenda Shannon  (Fall 2005)
         Hiking in the Chiricahua National Monument-

                  Vivian Lewis  (Fall 2005)
         Mesa Verde- Chelsea Hover (Spring 2008)
         Mines in the Huachuca Mountains-
                  David Swackhammer  (Spring 2007)
         Murray Springs, Clovis Site
                  Jenna Backinger  (Fall 2007)
         Northern Arizona Is Not What You Think-
                  Vanessa Anderson (Fall 2010)
         Picacho Peak, Arizona- Melody Allen (Spring 2012)

         Ramsey Canyon: Water Erosion-

Jarrod Swackhammer  (Spring 2007)
         Rincon Mountains, Tucson, Arizona-
                  Jennifer Lewis  (Fall 2006)
Roosevelt Lake-
Daniel Thum (Fall 2010)   

         San Bernardino Volcanic Field, Cochise County

                               Mollie Hobbs (Fall 2011)
         The Petrified Forest- Amelia Moheit  (Spring 2010)
         Tombstone, Arizona Geology-
                  Kathleen Pennington (Fall 2006)
         Tonto Natural Bridge-Noel Adams  (Spring 2005)
         The Chiricahua National Park, Arizona-
                  Kim McGee  (Fall 2005)
         The Dragoon Mountains -Mark Alexander  (Spring 2006)
         A View of the Chiricahua Mountains: From the Air-
                 Charles Garrett  (Spring 2006)

Death Valley- Lori Fleetwood-Watt (Spring 2009)
How Lake Tahoe Was Formed- Sarrina Cazarez (Fall 2012)

     Northridge Earthquake- Jeannete Rivera (Fall 2009)
     Shake and Quake of 1989 (San Francisco)-Victoria Martinez (Fall 2009)
         San Andreas Fault-Divisions Among Us-
                   Victoria Hermosilla  (Spring 2007)
         The Sliding Rocks of Death Valley-
                         Hillary Ditzhazy (Spring 2008)
          The California Gold Rush-
Kenneth Goodman  (Spring 2010)
          Yosemite National Park-
Dawnielle Burnell (Fall 2009)
         Pikes Peak- Franklin Gunning  (Spring 2007)
         The Garden of the Gods- Theresa Keckler-Burrows (Fall 2014)
         The Fountain Formation-
anonymous (Fall 2008)
         Wheeler Volcanic Area-San Juan Mountains-
                              Yvonne Carter (Spring 2009)
         Ever-changing Florida Keys- Suzanne Uliasz (Spring 2009)
        The History of Kaua'i- Krystal Hitchins (Fall 2009)
 Diamondhead Crater- Svetlana Melton (Fall 2011)
        Mauna Kea, The Tallest Mountain-
                        Steven Kim  (Spring 2010)
         Bitterroot Mountains, Idaho
                   Jacob Petersen  (Spring 2006)
         Shoshone Indian Ice Caves, Idaho-
                        Season Osterfield (Spring 2013)
         Craters of the Moon National Park, Idaho- Joshua Novinger (Spring 2017)

         Starved Rock, Illinois- Kevin McCullough (Fall 2006)
Mississippi River Flood of 2008- Tiffany Lotz (Fall 2009)
          Glaciers in Iowa- Ryan Fitzpatrick  (Fall 2007)
         New Orleans, The Sinking City- Alexa Hightower (Fall 2014)
         The Wonders of Purgatory Chasm- Matthew Giliberto (Fall 2017)
         Tahquamenon Falls, Michigan-
                    Emily Woodmansee  (Spring 2005)
         New Madrid Earthquakes-
                   Nancy R. Chase  (Spring 2010)

         Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada-
                         Robert Kelsey  (Spring 2010)   
New Mexico
         White Sands, New Mexico- Christen Bailey  (Spring 2007)
         Carlsbad Cavern National Park- Tim Lee (Fall 2016)
         The White Sands of New Mexico- Zachary Aragon (Spring 2011)
         Carrizozo Malpais Lava Field, New Mexico-
April Carty (Spring 2009)
Lechugilla Cave, New Mexico-
                        Jessica Schaefer (Fall 2011)

New York
         The Adirondacks- Megan Capeless (Spring 2008)
     Herkimer Diamonds- Aislin Gonzales (Fall 2014)
         Niagara Falls, New York- April Mangum  (Fall 2005)
         The Niagara Falls and Niagara Dam-
                         Sharon Smith (Spring 2009)
    Cascadia's Coming Calamity- Carolyn Harris  (Fall 2012)
         Flaming Gorge, Utah - Fred E. Thomas  (Fall 2005)
Great Salt Lake- Alex Wellborn (Spring 2015)
         The Great Salt Lake- Sean Cluff (Spring2016)

         Hoodoos in Bryce Canyon, Utah-
                    Linda Wright  (Spring 2006)
         Bryce Canyon, Utah- Cindy Lotts  (Spring 2006
         Arches National Park-
Mary Higgins  (Spring 2007)
        Wellington, Washington Avalanche- Casey Carillo (Spring 2013)
      Crystal Cave, Wisconsin- Steven Hessil (Fall 2009)
         Wyoming- A State of Beauty and Interesting Geology
                         Al Lowe (Spring 2013)  
         Devils Tower: The Misnamed Intrusion-
                       Elizabeth Le Compte  (Spring 2014)        

         Yellowstone Caldera- Jerry Stroupe  (Spring 2007)
         Hell on Earth- The Yellowstone Caldera-

                         Tyler Leucht  (Spring 2010)
         Why we won't all die from a Yellowstone Eruption-
                         Robert Posey IV  (Spring 2010)
Southwestern U.S.A.
         The Geology of the Parks of the Southwest-
                         Christian Lewis (Fall 2013)


Locations Outside of USA
        Mount Erebus and Her Crystals (Antarctica)-
                         Kimberly Stineburg (Spring 2008)

 Mt. Erebus below the Antarctic Circle- Steve Presher (Spring 2015)
        Oh, Mayan!- Jacquelyn A. Pekar (Fall 2011)
         Burgess Shale- Victoria Hermosilla (Spring 2008)
        River Nile and the Ancient Egyptians- Sarah Story (Spring 2016)
Galapagos Islands
       Galapagos Islands- Joanne Soper (Fall 2011)
         German salt beds- John Beech  (Spring 2010)
         The Parthenon- Elizabeth Hoyer (Spring 2017) (limestone)
         Beautiful Guam and the Adventurous Earthquakes-
                       Cecelia Villa (Fall 2008)
         Dormant Honduras Volcanoes- Isis Berger (Fall 2011)
         The Icelandic Golden Circle- Taylor Puckett (Fall 2013)
         Geology in Roman History- Elizabeth Stokes (Spring 2008)
         Sakurajima Volcano, Japan- Melissa Pratt (Fall 2016)
         Real de Catorce, Mexico-
                    Selene Lopez Najera  (Fall 2005)
         Cave  of Crystals- Roberto Cardenas (Fall 2009)
         Great Sonoran Earthquake of 1887- Percy Childs (Fall 2012)
         Colonial Taxco, World's Silver Capital-
                    Mark Wise (Spring 2014)
         Cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula- Alexandria Linhart (Spring 2016)
Niger, Africa
          Air Mountains- Jeremy Webb (Fall 2011)
          Mayon Volcano: The Perfect Cone- Jeroel A. Padilla (Fall  2010)
Puerto Rico
The Puerto Rico Trench- Jose A Hance (Fall 2011)
South America
          The Andes Mountains- Alan Brown (Spring 2008)

          Tepuis-Sky Islands- Kyle Bopes (Spring 2009)
          Drake Passage- Savannah Sayers (Spring 2017)
           Volcanoes of Lanzarote, Spain- Edwina Brown (Spring 2014)
           The Himalayas Life-Tyree Brown (Fall 2016)