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Roger Weller, geology instructor

by Kaitlyn Jestus
Physical Geology
Spring 2014

Pleasantly Pleasing Peridot


You light green gem,

Translucent as you are

Slightly boring and unimpressive…ahem.


Sure the green is a little pretty

But compared to other birthstones, you’re quite dull.

I looked at other stones, wishing mine wasn’t so sickly

Having no knowledge of you my attraction was null.


There is another name you are called,

It is almost quite sad

You are also called “the poor man’s emerald”

That sounds bad.


Being the birthstone for August

And with my ignorance

Learning more about you was a must.


Both you and diamond are formed

Deeper in the Earth, in the mantle.

Once a volcano erupted

You were discovered, it is just mental.


I hadn’t the slightest

Idea that you were actually kind of cool

You and diamonds might have the coolest

Formation. I am so sorry my thought of you were so cruel.