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Roger Weller, geology instructor

by Tamara Ruiz
Physical Geology
Fall 2013

The mysteries of the moonstone


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I don’t know about you but regarding myself normally when I hear moonstone it makes me think about the moon. Even though the moonstone does not come from the moon it still in a way make me think of the moon. But it would be ironic if the moonstone really came from the moon. Moonstone is normally found in deposits that are often found as constituents in feldspar-rich granitic and syenitic pegmatites  which you can find all over the world. 

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Moonstone is not a very popular gem sometimes even though I find moonstone very fascinating not everyone agrees. The moonstone was very popular back in the times of the (Art Nouveau) which was extremely a very long time ago. The reason for the moonstone being popular then was because it was used very often by René Lalique  He used the moonstone for jewelry and etc. you could find some of his rare pieces  in some museum with extra protection. Or you could look for it online which would most likely just be a replica.


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René Lalique - 236 × 354  jewelry by René Lalique


Finding out information of the moonstone form the  (Art Nouveau) I found out that the moonstone was not originally called the moonstone it name was adularia  it name was taken by the Mt adularia a mountain in Switzerland it was called that because “adularescence”  means shimmering way of light which the moonstone is very shimmering . they are very shiny with a splash of shimmer.


Description: moonstone

Moonstone are usually colorless but in some cases moonstone can be some different type of color for example gray, mocha brown, yellow, orange, green, pink, blue and white. Although moon stone can have a variety of color the most valuable moon stone would have to be the be pale blue sheen on a near-transparent body. The moonstone is the birthstone for the month of June. The moonstone is normally the traditional gem. The gem that is given in the 13th anniversary of marriage which the best moonstone to give your partner would be the be pale blue sheen on a near-transparent body or just one you find most intriguing.   It is said that if you give your partner a moonstone with passion ,when the moon if full you always have passion for each other.


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The moon stone can last very long as long as it is being taken care of in a  properly way. The moon stone is best cleaned with warm soapy water. Not hot because heat could cause the moonstone to crack. Moonstone are 6.5 in a hardness scale. The moonstone can exhibit chatoyancy possibility In the trade. When that occurs it is known as cats eye moonstone. Which can occur when it has an asterism effects which can also be called star moonstone.



Cat's Eye Moonstone Gemological Properties  Density  cleavage

Chemical Formula:

KalSi3O8, Potassium Aluminum Silicate

Crystal Structure:

Monoclinic, Prismatic


Colorless, Yellow, Pale Sheen


6.00 to 6.50

Refractive index

1.518 to 1.526


2.56 to 2.59




Transparent to Translucent

Double Refraction or Birefringence:



Vitreous to Pearly


Weak; Bluish, Orange



Part of the moonstone mysteries are the way people use them for example if they just use the moonstone just as  jewelry  it can have  no meaning unless someone special gave it to them.  The moonstone is a high value gem because they say that the moonstone can give or cause  these following thing if you have a moonstone in your possession. And it is being used correctly .

Brings good fortune

Assists in foretelling the future

Enhances intuition

Promotes inspiration

Brings success in love as well as business matters

Offers protection on land and at sea


They say the best time to use the moonstone is when the moon is full which bring me back to the beginning when I said that the moonstone remind me of the moon. So now not only because of the name the fact that  it works best when the moon is full it is going to make me think  of the moon more often when I think of the the moonstone are used for different things I guess it according to the owner of the stone. And the knowledge they have regarding the stone.



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The moonstone is a stone that is known as a psychic's gemstone .because it is said that the moonstone can help with psychic's ability’s they say that the moonstone helps enlighten a psychic with their ability to see the future. They say  that the one who has physic abilities there power stronger  with the moonstone.  They also say that the moonstone can help give you physic powers they even sell a kit for it witch is shown in the following picture.



            Personality my opinion is that the moonstone can have some power in way but regarding the whole psychic ability I kind of find that very hard to believe. I do on the other hand believe that it can have positive effect to owning a moonstone because they say the owner of a moonstone will have luck and I due believe in superstation to a point even though superstition is not really scientific.

so the mysteries to the moonstone would be the magic it claims to have .the magic that works best when the moon is full. The moonstone mystery is the secret that no matter how much research is done it still remains a mystery. the moon stone is fascinating  with all it mysteries history behind it with the powers within .the moonstone is one of the most fascinating gems in my opinion because the moonstone come in different shapes and size as well as different color and each moonstone has it power that is best used when the moon is full.



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