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What to do when a landslide hits ...


Before:  How do you prevent yourself from being a landslide victim?

Research the area you live in or the area you are moving to.  Find this information from: your local government, the Internet (websites with .org or .gov are most reliable), your homeowners or renters insurance, walking around the area, talk to previous owners or builders; there are also professionals that can prevent landslides or inform you of them, just as home inspectors, their specialty is looking for these dangers.  

Be prepared, create a plan for you and your family, just like a fire drill.  Keep an emergency kit in your household.  Create a meeting place.  And if you have small children it is always a good idea to practice what to do.  


During:  How can you stay safe?

Be alert, just as with tornados there are weather services to warn you of landslides, like NOAA weather radio.  Just as any natural disaster, they are signs before it happens.  Look for flash floods and listen for the roaring of the landslide, they sound like a train driving by.  Look for "watch for falling rocks" signs when driving on mountain roads.  Stay inside and get under something.  


After:  Disaster has hit, how do you deal?

If you are a victim, get you and your family to safety.  Do not try to go near a disaster area.  Look for family, friends and neighbors.  Help others around if you are capable.  There will be disaster relief centers for you to go to. 

If you want to help, after any natural disaster, go to the American Red Cross or The Salvation Army.  You can volunteer, give blood or make a donation.   



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