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Roger Weller, geology instructor

by Alex Kersh
Physical Geology
Fall 2014

               The True Story of the Iceberg that sank the Titanic 

     The Titanic, hearing that name send shivers down my spine. If you do not know what the Titanic is, it was a british passenger liner that was deemed unsinkable. Until it sank, taking my best friend in the process. So now I am out to find this monster of an iceberg and found why he did it. Hello, I am Leon Curt, and the story you are about to read is the first hand account of the iceberg that sank the Titanic:

     “People have always accused me of being the ‘bad guy’ because I caused one of the greatest maritime disasters of the past century and killed 1500 people in the process.  But let me tell you, it  could have been avoided. And, do you think the life of an iceberg is all that is cracked out to be?Let me tell you, it is not. So, what I am here today to tell you is that I am not the bad guy and how the Titanic ruined the names of icebergs everywhere.  

     Most icebergs, myself included, are usually born from glaciers, that have fallen off, however I do know some of us that broke off from an ice shelf. Then after we break off, we drift away and travel the world. Because seawater is far more denser than pure ice, you can only see the tip of us. And that is where the say “the tip of the iceberg” comes from. This saying means only the part of something that can be easily observed, but not the rest of it, which is hidden. Basically, what I am trying to say is that we are massive below the water, and that is where most disasters happen.

     Throughout the months of January and the two weeks of April, things were nice. I traveled from Alaska, went my way up through Canada and made it to the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. As I said before, the first two weeks of April, were just fine. I relaxed, listened to the ocean, like any other iceberg would do. Then on April 14, 1912 at around 11:15 at night, the disaster happened. Let me tell you what happened step by step. So, there I was minding my own business, and I heard a ship coming. Now I’m used to ships just not cruise ships, when I saw the ship coming closer I tried my hardest to move out of the way, but I can only move so much. So here’s Titanic coming right towards me, and I am just hoping that they received the iceberg warnings. So here it comes, closer and closer and I can feel the water moving, which seems to me they saw me, but they did not react as soon as they should, because I felt Titanic scrapping across me and I was in so much pain. Titanic then went a few kilometers aways, where, I heard from birds, it sank.

     Now, you may ask, when did this ruin the names of icebergs everywhere? Well, I guess it really did not, but it did ruin our lives. As icebergs we just float around minding our own business,   but now, there are more ships out there to tell other ships to watch out for us, it’s killing my zen. And now you know what really happened , I tried my best to move away but life happens.”

     After hearing the iceberg’s story, I do sympathize with it. It wasn’t trying to harm anyone it was just doing its job. So, I blame the people who were in charge of the ship. Which I learn later that is what happened.












  (That’s the iceberg I talked to)

(And here’s an artist interpretation of the sinking, the iceberg told me that he’s the one on the far right)