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Roger Weller, geology instructor

by Nancy Bray
Physical Geology
Fall 2007

How to Hike


            When you go hiking the first thing you need to do is choose a trail.  You can do that by going on your computer and search for trails near your area.  If you canít choose then go to your local National park/gaming area they will usually have a pamphlet mapping out some of the most traveled areas.  You might also want to look how long the trails are, and decide if you would want to hike that much.


            After you choose a trail you will need to pick a day, and then watch the weather.  You want to keep a active check, just so you will know what to expect and what type of gear to bring.  If its lightly raining you might want to pack a poncho, or if it has a chance of snow bring a heavy jacket.


 If the weather is too bad then you might want to cancel or postpone.




            You might also want to research dangerous the animals and the poisons plants you want to avoid. 

When you are packing your gear for the trip, remember its different for each trail.  But the basics are all the same and thatís: water (longer the trail/hotter the day you will need more), map (of the trail and surroundings), compass, cell phone (sometimes you wonít be able to get a single but its good to have any way), walkie talkies, first aid kit, hat, backpack to put everything in, walking stick (to help walk and if you are walking around snake area to move rocks/check bushes/grass for animals/reptiles), food (something light you can snack on like oranges or energy bars), etc. 


You might want to make sure you pack light, because you will have to carry everything you pack.  Also, remember it's better to be prepared than not.



Before you leave make sure someone knows were you are going to be and how long you think youíll be, so in case something happens they will be able to alert the rangers if they do not hear from you, after the proper time.


If you are driving to a trail that has entrance and an exit on opposite sides, you might want to have someone else drop you off then pick you up at the exit.


            When you are hiking make sure you walk as slow as your slowest person, its not a race so take time to look around and enjoy nature.  Make sure you stick together.  Take breaks when you find a good place.  Make sure you drink water often!!!  If there are signs by the trail read them you might find something interesting out.






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