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Roger Weller, geology instructor

Healing Power
by Katelyn Hale
Physical Geology
Fall 2012


Crystals and Minerals Used For Healing?


            Healing using crystals is a unique form of healing that is not common in everyday use. The crystals are not used to heal the body from extensive injuries, but rather to heal negative energy, rid this energy from the body, because it could potentially cause an illness. They are not only used for this healing but they also have different spiritual connections that can bring about certain state of minds. The way that the crystals are used is they are placed in certain places on the body to redirect energy flow, enhance it and then balance the spiritual energy. Crystal healing can be used for a variety of aspects; it can be used for physical mental spiritual and emotional healing. There are some professional healers that are trained specifically with the crystals but there are also certain nurses that are also trained with these crystals. (The Occult). Crystal healing is in the history of many cultures and is still practiced today.


            Crystal healing has been practiced for centuries, and may have even originated in ancient time; unfortunately the creator of this healing art is unknown. The people that believe in this art believe that it truly is real and works, but unfortunately there is no evidence that sets the precedence that it is completely true. All that can be said for the evidence for this technique is the fact that there are personal testimonies with in the community of people that practice this type of healing. Many people after using this technique say that they have been healed and do end up feeling better (Occult). Nonetheless Crystal healing has been around for a very long time. Many of the uses have been with amulets magic stones and gems, most of these techniques are used in eastern countries. In western countries crystal healing has not been as popular. More recently Crystal healing in western culture has been more popular because of the New age and Occult movements (Occult). The early nineteenth century experiments began to demonstrate effects of the minerals and the subject that believed that they worked. In one case, a subject was affected in many was such as having physical and emotional changes when touched and also the taste and smell was effected (Janelle Scialla). With these properties, many crystals have been subjected to the crystal healing method. There are many healing properties that each contributes within the practice.


The crystal that is most commonly used for healing is Quartz because of its clear color and its shape. Quartz is a very hard mineral composed of Silica. (SiO2), there are many varieties of quartz including agate chert and flint. Quartz can also come in a variety of colors such as smoky rose and pink quartz. This mineral is founded in many areas around the world, so this makes it an easy mineral to obtain because of the abundance. The reason quartz is so popular with healing is, it is said to regulate store and amplify energy, it balances a variety of aspects in the human body, it revitalizes many of the physical emotional and spiritual planes (Caryl Haxworth).  Clear quartz is also said to enhance memory by improving concentration and unlocking the memory. (Caryl Haxworth).   These are spiritual connections that the crystal has with the mind and the body that helps with healing at connection to the energy of the body.


Agate another type of quartz is also used in crystal healing; agate is usually banded, and is founded in volcanic rocks and are some times found in sedimentary rocks. (A.C. A k h a v a n). Agate when used in crystal healing is used to treat many different symptoms. First it is said to prevent miscarriages and relieve pregnancy discomfort. It is also used for centering and also to maintain sugar levels. It also helps with dizziness headaches and impaired balance. (Peaceful Mind). Not only is agate a beautiful mineral it is one that can be helpful in the crystal healing. It also helps with spiritual connections to the body and the spiritual energy.l


Flint a crystal and type of quartz that is very hard and fine-grained that is commonly used for making weapons and fires because of the way it sparks when struck with steel was used in ancient times for these purposes. Flint is located in mountainous areas and areas where volcanos have been dormant. What is little known is the healing aspects of this Quartz it is used as a typed of talisman to ward of illness addiction or ill wishes that may come about in everyday life. It is used for grounding energies to be aware of the spirituality with in the human that possesses this stone. Not only is it used for these types it can also be used to bring about the state of mind of courage self love and protection. (Peaceful Mind).  Flint brings a sense of protection to the holder not only can it have spiritual meaning, it had a sense of purpose in ancient times when a fire for warmth was need or when a weapon with a sharp edge needed to be created.


These are just a very small amount of crystals that are used with spirituality and healing. These crystals are not only special to the geological world but to the spiritual world as well. They are used in many ways, not only to help the state of mind and energy but also to help with pain and regulation of the mind. Quartz is the most common type thanks to its availability and shape; it also comes in many forms so that the healer can use it in its many forms for different reasons. Although crystal healing is not popular it is important to many people. As the New age era moves in the more popular it become in western areas. Crystals and jewelry are connected it is easy to purchase a piece of jewelry that possess this property. All that needs to be done in order for a person to have a healing crystal is a little research. Many of the crystals have been turned into amazing pieces of jewelry.



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