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rocky beach- Oregon coast                                

Physical Geology Topics
The following 393 geology web pages were developed
by Cochise College students.

Materials contained within these presentations are from many sources.
These web pages are intended only for non-commercial educational uses.

Aluminum, The Magic Metal- Bryson Pantoja (Spring 2011)
          Refining Aluminum-  Alaric Evans  (Fall 2007)
Arsenic- Marcus Aves (Spring 2015)
   Bismuth- Joshua Pinkerton  (Spring 2014)
          Boron Ain't So Borin"-
John Welter (Fall 2014)
Blake Gurtler (Fall 2014)
      Graphene: Allotrope of Carbon and Super Material- Maico Olivares (Spring 2016)
          Chromium (Cr)-
Michelle Padilla (Fall 2014)

          Copper- Mike Hernandez  (Spring 2005)
          Different Alloys of Gold-
Ivonne Suarez-Denton (Fall 2009)**
             All About Gold- Christina Lancaster  (Fall 2005)
          Gold, the Native Element
                      Michelle Simmons  (Fall 2005)

          Gold, Silver, Copper- Precious Commodities-

                      Simara Hubble (Fall 2005)
          Yellow Metal-Gold-Ileana Caban (Fall 2009)
          Helium-3, Super Fuel-
Jason Weber (Fall 2014)
          From Meteorites to Iron to Steel
- Suzanne Uliasz (Fall 2008)
          Lead, the Great Destroyer- A.Nonymous (Fall 2014)

Lithium-Atomic #3: Use in Psychiatric Illness-
                     Misha Denton (Fall 2012)
Mercury Poisoning from Tuna- Tyler Zimmerman (Spring 2013)
Palladium- Michael Starkey (Fall 2012)
          Platinum vs. Gold
- Keesha Gordon (Spring 2011)
Platinum vs. Tungsten
- Sharon Mason (Spring 2013)
Platinum- Parker Henneman (Springh 2015)

          Rhodium- Paul Hawkins (Spring 2011)
Silicon- Trevor Ball (Spring 2015)
          Surveying Sulfur- Element 16-
 Linda Bohling (Fall 2011)
          The Mysticism of Silver
- Shaun Hickey  (Fall 2005)
Silver- Luis Angel Flores- (Spring 2013)
          Colonial Taxco, World's Silver Capital-
Mark Wise (Spring 2014)

           Surveying Sulfur- Element 16-
 Linda Bohling (Fall 2011)
           Tantalum, Cell Phones, and War

                      Jennifer Starkey  (Spring 2005)

           The Mineral That Started a War: Columbite-Tantalite- 
                      Lyndsey Gruey (Spring 2006)

            Tin (Sn)-
Anna Montoya (Fall 2012)
Titanium- Thomas Ralls (Fall 2014)
           The Beauty of Tungsten Rings-
Mary McCarthy  (Spring 2014)
           The History of Tungsten
- Matt Wozniak  (Fall 2005)
           Oklo Reactors: How Nature Beat Humans to the Punch-
David Monagham (Fall 2012)
    Stellar Synthesis of the Elements- Brian Barandi (Fall 2012)
Elements Needed to Make Humans-
                      Scottie Everett (Fall 2008)
           Minerals in the Medical Field-
                      Aimee Valdez (Spring 2008)
Minerals in the Human Body-
                      Katherine Shipman (Fall 2006)
   Mineral Excess, deficiency, and Complications in
           Horses Living in the Southwestern United States-

Cynthia Chestnutt  (Spring 2010)
Equi-Dent- Keisha Newman (Fall 2013)
Is Monosodium Glutamate a Valuable Part of Our Nutrition?-
                      Francova Douyon (Spring 2012)
              Precious Metals- Niltza Durazo (Fall 2009)

Cedric Hill (Spring 2008)

- Jeong Park (Fall 2009)
Asbestos- Conal Ward (Spring 2012)
           The Special Relationship between Azurite and Malachite-

                       Jesse Smith  (Fall 2005)
            Red Beryl-
Alan Barnett (Fall 2011)
Greenish-Blue and Pure Blue Beryl (Aquamarine)-
                                Kirstyn Clark  (Fall 2015)
           Calcite, The Mineral with the Most-
Rafael Aponte (fall 2017)
Calcite vs. Aragonite: The Calcium Carbonate Twins-
                               Christopher Richards (Spring 2017)
    Chrysocolla- Antonia Kelly (Fall 2014)
      Sapphire and Its Uses for Today- Antonio Robinson (Fall 2014)
           Diamonds in Nature
- Mitchell Paige (Spring 2011)
           Conflict Diamonds- Elizabeth Cruz (Fall 2006)
Nani Burns (Fall 2017)
- Heather O'Conner  (Spring 2007)
           Garnet types Around the World-
Jesse Tellez (Fall 2017)
Ashley Breen (Fall 2011)
Fernando Gomez- (Fall 2015)
Richard Hotchkiss  (Spring 2010)
Salt: The Highlights of Halite-
                       Sabrina Espinosa (Fall 2013)
           Kyanite-The Oddball-
Darryl Thompson (Spring 2012)      
     Malachite: The Magnificent Green- Angelica Valdez (Fall 2017)       
           Mica, The Wonder Mineral-
                       Amanda Temenak (Fall 2005)
Mica- Tedina Allen  (Fall 2007)
   Mica-The Mineral of Many Uses- Haali Hale (Fall 2010)
           Olivine and Peridot
- Rachel Fero  (Spring 2005)
   Olivine-Emerald of the Evening-
                      Gina Bays  (Spring 2007)

           A Pyrite's Life For Me-  Brian Meinhardt  (Fall 2007)
           Herkimer Diamonds-
Aislin Gonzales (Fall 2014)
           Quartz and Even More- Jason Jarvis (Spring 2008)
       Amethyst- Blakey Mosher (Fall 2014)
           Silica- Noah Rand (Fall 2008)
Phantom Quartz Crystals- Kurt Kutzner (Fall 2012)
           Staurolite- Keriann Grisham (Fall 2009)
           Zeolites- Nathan Aloisio  (Spring 2006)
Zircon: the Oldest Mineral on Earth- Clarissa Madrid (Spring 2016)
assorted topics
              Fluorescent Minerals- Steve Tyminski (Fall 2007)
How To Identify Common Minerals- Theodore Hansen (Fall 2010)
              Mohs Scale of Hardness- Emilee Stevens (Fall 2009)
           Six Crystal Systems-
Jami Britt (Spring 2008)*   
              How to Grow Crystals- Eileen Gerloff (Fall 2011)
              Geodes- Shawn Engle  (Spring 2005)

       copper mining
           The Lavender Pit-The Hole in Bisbee-
Audrey Yossem Fall (2017)

           Bisbee's Origins- Mikey Cota  (Spring 2014)        
           The Worries of a Bisbee Copper Miner-

                       Maria Ramos  (Spring 2006)
           Copper Mining in Bisbee- David Berheim (Fall 2011)
    John Devere- Mining Engineer- Lauren Devere (Spring 2012)
           History of One of Bisbee's Families-
                        Gina Thursby (Spring 2008)
           Phelps Dodge Corporation-
                        Robert Hardy  (Fall 2007)
Morenci Copper Mine- Caitlyn Chavez (Spring 2016)
Santa Rita Mountains- John Tedford (Spring 2017)
    Tyrone Mine Reclamation- Christy Brady (Spring 2012)
   gold mining
   Gold Panning- Robert M. Posey IV (Fall 2009)
Gold Mining- Erica Archer (Fall 2006)
Gold Panning Like the 49'ers-
                        Anthony Kirkpatrick (Spring 2009)

           The California Gold Rush-
Kenneth Goodman  (Spring 2010)
           Gold Rush-
Joel DunnSmith  (Fall 2007)
           A Look at Mining
- Jessi Nesbitt  (Spring 2005)
       lead mining
  Galena, Kansas and the Dangers of Undermining-
                      Anna Isaacs (Fall 2010)
           Fossil Fuels- Zacgary Townsley (Fall 2017)
           Outlook Good for Petroleum's Future?
                       Odessa Solomon (Fall 2006)
           Hydraulic Fracturing- A.Nonymous (Fall 2011)
Fracking- Sol Greer (Spring 2012)
       assorted topics    
           Topographic Maps-
Perry Gresham  (Spring 2014) 
Mining Methods- A.Nonymous (Fall 2016)
Fire Below: Centralia Pennsylvania Mine Fire- _
                       Dustin Bucherer (Spring 2016)  

           Mining in North Carolina
                       Johnny Petteway  (Fall 2005)
Core Sampling: What and Why?- Wheeler Reese (Fall 2012)  
           Granite Quarries- Shayna Redwine  (Spring 2006) 
           Mines in the Huachuca Mountains-
                       David Swackhammer  (Spring 2007)

           Yellow Jacket Mine, Arivaca, Arizona-
 Caryl Marie Brendle Adcock (Fall 2009) 
use of earth materials
rock tools
            Arrowheads: A Guide to Creating-
Kellie Wagner (Fall 2017)
            Brief Introduction to Arrowheads     
                          Todd Nehem (Fall 2008)
            The Making of Arrowheads- Thomas Fair (Fall 2008)
   Arkansas Sharpening Stone-Novaculite -
                        Rebecca Bowser (Fall 2011)  
            The Rocks of War- Michael Thornsberry (Fall 2011)                     
            Clay to Pottery
- Madison Byrd (Fall 2013)
            What's in a Glaze?- Angela Lambiase (Fall 2012)
            Pigments: Color Matters- Conor Mahoney (Spring 2013)
            The Wonderful World of Ceramics-
                       Ryan Yearicks (Fall 2009)
            Epsom Salts-
Barry Eastman (Spring 2011)
Importance of Salt- Chung-Ting Tsai  (Fall 2013)
    Metaphysical Properties of Rocks- Alexandria Reynolds (Fall 2014)

              The Makeup of Make-Up- Lauren Zehner (Fall 2015)
            Safe Cosmetics and Mineral Makeup
- Jessie White (Spring 2011)

           What's That on Your Face?-
Mittie Crabtree (Fall 2011)
           What is Concrete?
- Andrew Haldorson  (Fall 2005)
    Concrete, as Hard as the Rocks It's Made of-
                       Tory Norton (Fall 2012)

           What is in the Ink?- Tonia Encinas  (Spring 2016)
           Toothpaste, What Is It Really?
                        Laura J. Marinus (Fall 2009)
Minerals Found in Toothpaste-
                        Beverly Zuniga (Fall 2008)
Fluoride: Adverse Effects on Human Health- Josh Holcombe (Spring 2016)
Teeth Whitening through Oil Pulling-
                        Esteban Serino (Spring 2015)
           Effects of Radiation on Humans- Tristan DeBuhr (Fall 2014)
           Disposal of Nuclear Waste- Emily Filleman (Fall 2009)
           The Uses and Dangers of Radiation-  Angel Aguirre  (Fall 2013)
           Silver and photography-
Brittany Wachtel (Fall 2017)
           The Wonderous Benefits of Hot Springs-

                        Jake Max  (Fall 2013)
              The Parthenon- Elizabeth Hoyer (Spring 2017)

              Aluminum Oxynitride- Juan DeLeon (Spring 2016)
              The Minerals of Magnet- Jonathan Barton (Fall 2016)

Gun Powder-The Explosive History- Douglas Powers (Fall 2012)
   Dirt as as Alternate Construction Method-
                         Kevin Thompson (Spring 2015)

        Pirates Booty!- Mark Tillman  (Spring 2007)
            Sabino Glass- Sarah (Chuck) Kellett (Fall 2009)
               Paintballs and the Environment- Cory Hoyt (Fall 2010)
           The Art of Rocks- Joelle Gandara  (Spring 2014)
           The Wonderous Benefits of Hot Springs-
                        Jake Max  (Fall 2013)
          Gravestones: Memorials or More?- Claire McKee (Fall 2015)
 Granite, Tombstones, and Monuments- Valerie Valdez (Fall 2010)
            Choosing a Headstone- Paris Reynolds  (Fall 2007)
                Lead a Leadless Life- Kaleb Solberg (Spring 2017)

        How Minerals Affect Our Muscles- Maximillian Hardison (Spring 2017)
                Minerals of the Human Body- James Colton (Fall 2015)
        Eating Rocks to Help Your Stomach- John Wygle (Spring 2016)
The Healing Power of Gemstones- Breanna Dykstra (Fall 2010)
  Healing power of Gemstones- Margret-Anne Shifrin (Fall 2012)
Crystals and Minerals Used For Healing?
- Katelyn Hale (Spring 2012)
            Phosphates- Melanie Strate (Fall 2014)      
igneous rocks
           Columnar Jointing- Sang Marzan (Spring 2009)
           Igneous Rocks-
Ryan Rohr (Fall 2012)
           Hunting for Thundereggs-
Caitlin McPhillips (Fall 2010)
           Making Thin Sections-
Jill Forsythe (Summer 2003)
Apache Tears (Obsidian)- Erica Mallett (Fall 2011)
Marciela Cordero (Spring 2008)
           Obsidian Obsession
- Stormy Wall  (Spring 2005)
           Pumice Rafts-
Daniel Quarto  (Fall 2007)
    Pumice, The Rock Not Scared of Water-
                       Scott Meyers (Spring 2011)
   Volcanic Bombs- Travis Clay (Spring 2014)

Remnants of Long Ago Giants- Jaci Sieler- (Spring 2013)
          A View of the Chiricahua Mountains: From the Air-
                        Charles Garrett  (Spring 2006)
Hiking in the Chiricahua National Monument, Arizona-
                        Vivian Lewis  (Fall 2005)
      Red Mountain Volcano in the San Francisco Volcanic Field, Arizona-
                        Wilfred Rockowitz (Fall 2017)

          San Francisco Peaks-Flagstaff, Arizona-
                        David Berlin  (Spring 2005)
San Bernardino Volcanic Field, Cochise County

                         Mollie Hobbs (Fall 2011)
          Long Valley Caldera, California-
                        Jonathan McCracken  (Fall 2007)
          Wheeler Volcanic Area-San Juan Mountains, Colorado-
                               Yvonne Carter (Spring 2009)

           The History of Kaua'i- Krystal Hitchins (Fall 2009)
           Diamondhead Crater-
Svetlana Melton (Fall 2011)
           Mauna Kea, The Tallest Mountain-
                        Steven Kim  (Spring 2010)
         Shoshone Indian Ice Caves, Idaho-
Season Osterfield (Spring 2013)
         Craters of the Moon National Park, Idaho-
Joshua Novinger (Spring 2017)
  New Mexico
         Carrizozo Malpais Lava Field, New Mexico-
April Carty (Spring 2009)
          Crater Lake, Oregon
- Jennifer Jacobs  (Fall 2005)
          Crater Lake, Oregon-
Rebekah Devine (Spring 2011)
 Mount Rainier: An Active Volcano in Wait-
                        Angelina McKee  (Spring 2006)

          Is Mount Rainier getting ready to erupt?-
 Adrienne Jones  (Spring 2014)
          Remarkable Mt. St. Helens
- Carol Baker  (Spring 2006)
    Exploring Ape Caves- D. Betz  (Fall 2013)
                    (Joann Deakin, instructor)

          Yellowstone Caldera- Jerry Stroupe  (Spring 2007)
          The Yellowstone Caldera-
Raakia Jones-Eaton (Fall 2015)
          Devils Tower: The Misnamed Intrusion-
                        Elizabeth Le Compte  (Spring 2014)      

          Hell on Earth- The Yellowstone Caldera-

                        Tyler Leucht  (Spring 2010)
Why we won't all die from a Yellowstone Eruption-
                        Robert Posey IV  (Spring 2010)

volcanism- outside of U.S.A.
        Mt. Erebus below the Antarctic Circle- Steve Presher (Spring 2015)
      Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands- Joanne Soper (Fall 2011)
  Dormant Honduras Volcanoes- Isis Berger (Fall 2011)
           The Icelandic Golden Circle-
Taylor Puckett (Fall 2013)
Krakatua: The Beast from the East- Natalee Zufelt (Spring 2015)
  Kawa Ijen: Home of Blue Lava- Jeannel Hilton  (Fall 2015)
    Mount Vesuvius, Italy- Michelle Sciarrone  (Fall 2005)                               
   Mount Vesuvius, Italy- Crystal Crow  (Fall 2005)
When the World Ended- the Eruption of Thera
                         Mark Nobles  (Fall 2007)
             The Eruption of Santorini-
                         Latina Williams  (Spring 2007)
Proving the Exodus (Santorini)-
                         Ashley Forbes (Fall 2009)
           Eruptions of Mt. Etna- Detric Miles  (Fall 2009)
Pompeii- Frances Jacob  (Fall 2013)
                       (Joann Deakin, instructor)
         Mt. Fuji- Daniel Bonser (Fall 2015)
       Sakurajima Volcano, Japan- Melissa Pratt (Fall 2016)
 The Sleeping Giant Awakens (Mt. Pinatubo)
                         Shelly Gordon (Fall 2009)
  Mount Pinatubo, the eruption that rocked a nation-
                          Sarah Biron (Spring 2011)
Mount Pinatubo- Emmanuel Padilla (Spring 2012)
  Mayon Volcano: The Perfect Cone
- Jeroel A. Padilla (Fall  2010)
          Volcanoes of Lanzarote, Spain-
Edwina Brown (Spring 2014)

Olympus Mons, Mars- Kelley Paskell (Fall 2011)

Types of Volcanism
Composite, Cinder Cone, and Shield Volcanoes-
                         Elizabeth Light  (Fall 2007)
          Volcanic Lahars- Lucas Cordero (Spring 2009)
                        Kimberly Stineburg (Spring 2008)
  Pillow Lavas- Crystal Crow  (Spring 2006)

weathering and soils
          Volcanic Plant Life- Chelsea Belehar-Heiser- (Fall 2017)
          Mud is Magnificent-
Risa Dickson-Crawford (Fall 2017)
          Acid Rain-
Victorio Frederico  (Fall 2015)
Everyday Soil: Geology and the Gardener- Michael Polombo (Spring 2016)
- Marti Stoner  (Spring 2006)
   Soil: The Foundation of Your Dream Home-
                        Elizabeth Piccolo (Spring 2013)

Soils on Three Farms in Northwest Iowa-
                        Nurmi Ingram (Fall 2010)
Soil Nutrition
- Laryssa Dickey  (Spring 2014)
          Effects of Severe Fire on Soil- Jessica Ruppel (Fall 2015)
Gone: Weathering and Erosion- Jesse waite (Fall 2016)
Hydroponics- N.P. (Fall 2014)

Casey Fuller  (Spring 2010)
Caliche- Elsbeth Chavira (Spring2017)
Boulders- Nathan Riesgo (Fall 2009)
Causes of Soil Erosion- Jessica Redus (Fall 2009)
Soil pH- Tianya Shemanski  (Fall 2007)
   Sacred Soils- Joseph Turcotte  (Fall 2007)
Sean Harvey  (Fall 2007)
          Arches National Park
- Mary Higgins (Spring 2007)
          Rezoning of America's Farmland-
 Adam Hansen (Spring 2008)

sedimentary rocks
          Oil Shale
- Jocelynn Snoozy  (Fall 2004)
Coal- James Cleveland (Spring 2009)
      Inferno Beneath Silent Hill: The Underground Coal Fires of Centralia-
                        Aaron Bradley (Spring 2015)
         The Parthenon- Elizabeth Hoyer (Spring 2017) (limestone)
Diatomaceous Earth-
Frederick Bissonnette (Fall 2011)
The Fountain Formation, Colorado (sandstone)
                        Janae Kremer (Fall 2008)

Construction of the Egyptian Pyramids (limestone)                                   
                        Michelle Vasquez  (Spring 2006)
A Brief History of Amber-
                        Suzanne Brandl
             (more than 15 seconds to download due to
              large, but beautiful photos)  (Spring 2005)

            A Gneiss Story-Metamorphic Rocks-
                       Sean Fossgreen (Fall 2009)         

         Hydrothermal Alteration- Micah Hill  (Spring 2006)
 Metamophism- Geri Norris  (Spring 2010)
Jade vs. Serpentine- Amanda Couch (Spring 2011)
         Kyanite- Darryl Thompson (Spring 2012)
 Marble, Loved by the Ancient Greeks and Romans-
                      Rose Witkowski (Fall 2011)

         Metamorphism- Theresa Tate  (Fall 2007)
    Staurolite- Keriann Grisham (Fall 2009)
          Brown Canyon, Huachuca Mountains-
                     Vincent Festa (Spring 2008)

mass wasting
- Tracy Cottrell  (Fall 2005)**
Wellington, Washington Avalanche- Casey Carillo (Spring 2013)

Snow Avalanches- Lindsey Patterson (Fall 2011)
Avalanches- Tessa Valladares (Fall 2011)
 How to Avoid an Avalanche- Tara Horvat (Spring 2015)
A History of Landslides- Alex Jirousek (Fall 2009)
Rock Slides: Flim Mountain- Kelli Patterson (Fall 2011)
Mass Wasting and Landslides- Patrick Estes (Fall 2009)
Mass Wasting in Southern Arizona-
Brian Mitchell (Fall 2006)
 Beware of the Avalanche- Caitlin Kelly (Spring 2009)

rivers and streams                                                                             
Views of the San Pedro River-
Justin Banner  (Spring 2006)
   Babacomari River- Richard Miller (Spring 2013)

          The San Pedro River-
Mason Dominy  (Spring 2010)
Ramsey Canyon: Water Erosion-
Jarrod Swackhammer  (Spring 2007)
Flash Floods- Zane Rudkin (Spring 2009)
Massive Waste Plume- Jeremiah Peterie  (Fall 2015)
 Mississippi River Flood of 2008-
Tiffany Lotz (Fall 2009)
Tennessee Valley Authority- Hannah Adams  (Fall 2015)
       Geological Importance in Civil Engineering:

               The Collapse of the Saint Francis Dam-
                        Joanna Larranga  (Fall 2015)

 Dams: A Helpful Hindrance-
                        Johnathon Brittain (Fall 2009)

 The Colorado River-
Samantha Mickens  (Spring 2006)
The Art Green Legacy (Colorado River)-
                         Hailey Baltunis (Spring 2015)

The Niagara Falls and Niagara Dam-
                        Sharon Smith (Spring 2009)
The Aswan Dam-
                        Josh Brock  (Fall 2008)

groundwater and caves
          Fire Retardant Environmental Effects-
                        Rebecca Hodgeson (Spring 2008)  
          Mammoth Cave National Park- Stephen Uzzle (Fall 2016)  
Carlsbad Cavern National Park- Tim Lee (Fall 2016)      
          Fluoridation: Forget 'Bout It-
                        Michael Benz (Fall 2006)
Geysers- Bryce Gregory  (Spring 2010)  
   Yellowstone's Geyser Basins- Sean Mendoza (Spring 2012)
My Adventures to Wai-O-Tapu- Cody Akers (Fall 2010) 
 The Missing Wonder of the World (Mexican Crystal Cave)-
                         Mateo Garcia-Chacon  (Fall 2015)

Lechugilla Cave, New Mexico-
                       Jessica Schaefer (Fall 2011)

Cave  of Crystals- Roberto Cardenas (Fall 2009)
Cave Treasures- Daniel Spooner (Fall 2009)  
      Kartchner Caverns- Phaydra Sperle (Fall 2015)                                                                                
Colossal Cave, Tucson, Arizona-
                        Rose Phillips (Fall 2006)
Crystal Cave, Wisconsin- Steven Hessil (Fall 2009)
Desalination- Bruce McKellar  (Fall 2013)

          Groundwater Issues in Cochise County, Arizona-

                        Jane M. Scholer (Spring 2006)
          Sneaky Sinkholes- KC Velazquez  (Fall 2007)
          Arizona Caves- Sarah Moore  (Fall 2007)
  What to Look for in Caves- Sean Eustice (Fall 2008)
          The Wonderous Benefits of Hot Springs-
                        Jake Max  (Fall 2013)

Glacial Erosion- Kevin Demater  (Spring 2007)
           How Glaciers Are Formed- Jesse Renegar (Fall 2017)

      Glaciers and the Effects on Weather-
Scilla Burton  (Fall 2013)
Mt. Erebus below the Antarctic Circle- Steve Presher (Spring 2015)

          Ice Age 5: The Cause
- Kaitlyn O'Rahilly (Spring 2013)
   The Next Ice Age: Coming Soon?- Sam Yang (Fall 2012) 
Is Nuclear Winter a Possibility?- Fred Slawson (Fall 2012)
The Great Lakes- Taran Wakatani (Spring 2013)
         Tidewater Glaciers, A Spectator Sport- 
                       Erin Mueller (Fall 2008)  
The True Story of the Iceberg That Sunk the Titanic-
                       Alex Kersh (Fall 2014)

      Glaciers vs. Icebergs, the Jakobshavn Glacier, and the Titanic-
                      Kimberley Nason  (Spring 2014)
  Glaciers- Juan Franco (Spring 2011)
Glaciers- Kaylon Lull (Spring 2011)      
Glaciers- Zenia Franco  (Spring 2005)
Glaciers- Cameron Roxberry (Spring 2012)
          Alaskan Glaciers and More-
Sara Borowiec (Fall 2013)
          Glaciers in Iowa
- Ryan Fitzpatrick  (Fall 2007)
          Melting Glaciers- Ruben Herrera (Fall 2006)
             Lake Agassiz- James Bergseid  (Spring 2007)

wind and deserts
          Mystery of Death Valley's Moving Rocks-
Ben Maheu  (Fall 2015)
          Aeolian Processes
- Ann Vermillion  (Fall 2004)
 Dust Devils- Ilse Severson (Spring 2017) 
Desertification- Jason Chmielewski (Fall 2012)
Weathering and Erosion of the Arizona Desert- Brooke Willsey (Fall 2012)
  Tornadoes: Natural Disasters- Karina Robinson (Fall 2012)
Tornadoes- David Munoz (Spring 2013)
Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada-
                        Robert Kelsey  (Spring 2010)
Global Warming- Michael Hill  (Spring 2007)
Slot Canyons- Yvonne Ochse (Fall 2009)
 The White Sands of New Mexico- Zachary Aragon (Spring 2011)
White Sands, New Mexico-
                        Christen Bailey  (Spring 2007) 
          The Sliding Rocks of Death Valley-
                        Hillary Ditzhazy (Spring 2008)
             Bryce Canyon Hoodoos- Linda Wright -(Spring 2006)

oceans, waves and beaches
             Is There a Green Sand Beach?-
                        Mike Peters  (Fall 2006)
Drake Passage- Savannah Sayers (Spring 2017)
    Tsunamis- Niva Reid  (Fall 2006) 
  Waves and Rocks- Nicolas Rodriguez (Spring 2015)
Atoll Reefs- Tiffany Scofield (Fall 2012) 
Mariana Trench: Bottom of the World
                        Chris Hinton (Fall 2008) 
earthquakes and tsunamis
          New Madrid Earthquakes-
                        Nancy R. Chase  (Spring 2010)
          Could Sierra Vista be Devastated by an Earthquake?-

                        Jenna Lathrop (Spring 2017)

          Mexico City Earthquake-
Jose Guerrero (Fall 2014) 
          Great Sonoran Earthquake of 1887-
Percy Childs (Fall 2012)
          Earthquakes of 2010-
Nicole Martinez  (Spring 2010)
- Carmelyn Reyes  (Spring 2005)
Earthquakes- Ian Leavelle  (Spring 2010)
   Earthquakes- Lauren Williams (Spring 2012)
Measuring Earthquakes-
                        Jessica Downer  (Spring 2005)
     Seismology- Joseph Villasenor (Spring 2016)
             Earthquake Engineering- Matthew Stanley (Fall 2016)

  The Dragon Jar or the Dragon Crock?
                        Eder-Lyn Dayrit (Spring 2012)

Earthquake Danger-Los Alamos, New Mexico?
                        Catherine Kilgore  (Fall 2006)
  Shake and Quake of 1989 (San Francisco)-
                        Victoria Martinez (Fall 2009)
             The Great Chilean Earthquake of 1960- Vanessa Braggs (Fall 2015)

     The Great San Francisco Earthquake- Darion Jones (Spring 2013)
 4:31 a.m., Inside the Northridge Earthquake-

                        Joshua Humphrey (Spring 2011)
      Northridge Earthquake- Jeannete Rivera (Fall 2009)
Subduction Zone Earthquakes- Michael Rader (Spring 2011)
 Cascadia's Coming Calamity- Carolyn Harris  (Fall 2012)
Tsunami Warning System-
                        Dawn Stuckey  (Fall 2006)
Beautiful Guam and the Adventurous Earthquakes-
                       Cecelia Villa (Fall 2008)

San Andreas Fault-Divisions Among Us-
                        Victoria Hermosilla  (Spring 2007)

plate tectonics
           Alfred Wegener Biography- Audrey Yossem-Fall 2017)
           Continental Drift-
Theresa Tate (Spring 2008)
           The Himalayas Life-Tyree Brown (Fall 2016) 
The Nazca Plate- Sonia Etzweiler (Spring 2015)

Hawaiian Hotspot-  James Patterson (Fall 2008)      
           Plate Tectonics- Erik Anderson  (Spring 2006)
Pangaea- Jason Cross  (Spring 2006)
           Mapping Ocean Floors- Trevor Behr (Fall 2016)
The Puerto Rico Trench- Jose A Hance (Fall 2011)
Is California Falling into the Ocean?-
                        Kelsey Rasmussen  (Fall 2006)
 Types of Tectonic Borders-
                        Shannon Bruce Lee (Spring 2009)

environmental geology
          Watch Arizona and Beyond-
                        Kathleen Stevens (Fall 2009)

    How Land Affects History- Shelby Gonzales (Fall 2012)

special topics
          Geology in Filmmaking??- Amber Stilwell  (Fall 2013)
teaching techniques-elementary level

          Categorizing My Daughter's "Pretty Rocks"
 Rachel Norton (Spring 2017         
          Geology in the Classroom
isa Davila (Spring 2005)
  Mohs Scale of Hardness
- Lesson Plan-
                        Sherry Harris (Fall 2013)
Rock Identification Lab-Lesson Plan-
                        Kayla Gauch
(Spring 2016)
Metamorphic Pancakes-Lesson Plan-
                        Brenda Stafford (Fall 2009)

          Plate Tectonics for Kids-
Elizabeth Tyasia (Spring 2016)
          Rock Identification-Lesson Plan-

                        Chelsea Bovara (Fall 2008)
   Science Experiments: Preschool to 6th Grade-
                        Josefa V. MacHott (Fall 2006)
Elementary Geology- Amanda Anderson (Fall 2006)
Teaching Crystal Shapes- Jami Britt (Spring 2008)*
   Teaching Fossils- 3rd Grade- Ann Chung  (Spring 2014)
     Geology Lessons for K-12- Gayles Sueskind (Fall 2012)
  Geology at Home with Kids- Kimberly Swift  (Fall 2006)
How to Hike- Nancy Bray  (Fall 2007)