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The following 97 gemstone presentations were developed by
Cochise College students.  Materials contained within these
presentations are from many sources.  These web pages are
intended only for non-commercial educational uses.

         Fire Agate-Black Hills, Arizona-
                   Necole Michael  (Fall 2007)
         Botswana Agate-
Emily Moxley (Fall 2011)

The Many Colors of Amber-
                   Amber Partington  (Spring 2007)

        Amethyst: A deeper Understanding of the Birthstone from the Greek Culture-
Tichina Buckner (fall 2017) 
        Amethyst History and Mining-
Elsa Stojak (Fall 2018)                                                                                                              
James Rogers (Fall 2006)
Amethyst- Justine Andrews  (Fall 2006)
Amethyst- Jesika Cline  (Spring 2006)
Amethyst- Lianza Quinones (Fall 2011)
- The Royal Gemstone- Casandra Farmer (Fall 2014)
Aquamarine- Colleen Breen (Fall 2004)
Aquamarine- Nwande Gardiner  (Fall 2005)
- Maggie Monahan  (Spring 2006)
Aquamarine- Ann Baxter  (Spring 2014)
Aquamarine- Jesse Aguilar (Spring 2014)
          Birthstones- Joengeun Park (Fall 2012)
Birthstones- Michael Schweska (Spring 2005)
Birthstones- Jennifer Scott  (Fall 2005)
          Birthstones and Zodiac Stones-                                                 
                    Tarin Nugen  (Spring 2007)
       October Birthstones- Bertha Hernandez (Fall 2017)
          Superstitions Regarding Gemstones- Shara Hoston (Spring 2017)
         The Different Birthstones- Paul Keys (Fall 2014)
         The Origin of Birthstones- Michael Jones (Fall 2013)
          The Captivating Power of Gemstones- Tonya Pike (Spring 2012)
          Destiny of a Bloodstone- Jamie Marshall (Spring 2013)
          Chrysoprase Gemstones- Kurt Kutzner (Fall 2013)
cubic zirconia
          Cubic Zirconia- Martha Thompson (Fall 2010)
          Cubic Zirconia- Melissa Richards (Spring 2011)

How Cubic Zirconia is Created- Katie DeLosReyes (Fall 2011)
   Diamonds: Myth, Magic, Reality, and Blood-
Stu Lercher (Spring 2017)       
        Diamonds: From Rough Rocks to Glamorous Gems-
Larissa Diamante Thurman  (Spring 2005)
The History of Debswana- Lauren Laposta (Spring 2013)
  Diamond Inclusions- Lisa C. Huff (Fall 2006)                                             
Diamonds- Juan Parra  (Spring 2010)
Katlyn Vass (Fall 2016)
Diamonds- Kai Vukomanovich (Fall 2011)
Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend- Kandise Craig
What are Diamonds? Raul Villa (Fall 2008)
Causes of Color in Diamonds-
Caitlin Henry  (Fall 2007)
        The Cullinan Diamonds-

                    Sheilla DeMeritt  (Spring 2005)

 The Four C's of Diamonds-
                    Mark Alexander (Fall 2005)
Diamonds and Pearls- Erin E. Unger (Spring 2009)
         Diamonds, the Four Cs
                    Tanya Eavenson (Fall 2005)

Learning about Diamonds-
                    Melanie Lewis  (Spring 2005)

         Shopping for the Right Diamond
                    Gilberto Fuentes  (Fall 2005)

Man-Made Diamonds- Crystal Roe  (Fall 2005)                                             
  47th Street, New York: the Jewish Connection-    
                     Deborah Adams  (Spring 2007)
Diamonds-Funding Violence- Velia Keeme (Spring 2009)
Has Your Best Friend Been Lying To You?-
                      Melissa Cepero (Fall 2011)
Diamonds vs. Cubic Zirconia
- Daniel Le (Spring 2009)
 Emeralds- Ashley Contreras  (Spring 2006)
 Inclusions in Emeralds-
                    Kristi Blasdell  (Spring 2006)

- George Soong (Fall 2004)
          Jade Reverence- Shea Dangelo (Fall 2016)

Kelcie Hughes- (Fall 2015)
          The Stone of Heaven-Chinese Jade
             Victoria Glover (Fall 2009)
Kyanite- Kiah Taylor (Fall 2013)

           Lapis Lazuli-Tiffany McKinley- Spring 2016
Moonstone and Its History-
Bryan Chavez (Fall 2016)                                                
          Once in a Blue Moonstone-                                                                  
Sarah Stevens (Fall 2011)
 From the Moon to the Earth-
 Danielle Farmer (Spring 2012)
Mysteries of the Moonstone-
Tamara Ruiz  (Fall 2013)
          The History of Opal-
Sophia Monga  (Fall 2015)
          Treat Your Opals Right-
Paige Lathrop (Fall 2013)
- Cake M. Janssen (Spring 2005)
              Pleasantly Pleasing Peridot- Kaitlyn Jestus (Spring 2014)
quartz (general)
   Quartz Family of Gemstones- **
                    Audrey LaClair  (Fall 2005)

rose quartz
          The Stone of Love: Rose Quartz-
Diane Delcourt (Fall 2017)
          Rose Quartz: One of a Kind
              Melissa R. Stevens (Fall 2007)                                                  

Rubies- Michelle Cruz  (Fall 2005)
 Rubies: Not Just for Slippers- Paige Wakatani (Fall 2016)
Rubies- Shawn Kellerman  (Fall 2005)
Star Rubies and Sapphires-
Katie Stilwell  (Fall 2007)
Katie Bock  (Fall 2007)
Sapphire- Mikaela Jamka (Fall 2016)
Jeremy (Mia) Longoria (Fall 2008)
Rainbow of Sapphires- Michelle Guilmette (Fall 2009)
            Spinel- Paul Foss  (Fall 2006)
         Untapped potential: Tanzanite-
Miguel Wachtel (Fall-2017)
            Tanzanite- Linda Coe  (Fall 2005)
Journey with Tanzanite- Mary Lugo (Spring 2008)
tiger's eye
Tiger's Eye- Allison Fisher  (Spring 2006)
           Topaz- Brooke Julian  (Spring 2005)
Topaz- KaMari Craft (Fall 2011)
Turquoise- Inga Cole  (Fall 2005)
Bisbee Mines and Turquoise- Angel Sherman (Fall 2009)
History of Turquoise- Kayla Young (Spring 2012)
Turquoise-  Ellie Wilson (Fall 2008)
Turquoise from Bisbee, Arizona-
                     Duane Lee  (Fall 2005)

        Turquoise in Indian Jewelry
                    Janina Walter  (Fall 2005)
Use of Turquoise by Indians-
                    Aimee I. Tranfaglia  (Fall 2007)
mixed gems
          Famous Gemstones- Nicole Santana (Spring 2009)
yellow gemstones
           Distribution and Meanings of Different gemstones Across the Globe-
                     Lumi Sellman (Fall 2017)

          The Family Jewels- John Vivian (Spring 2016)
Gemstone Scams- Anita Jones (Fall 2016)
How to Become a Gemologist?-
                    Marilyn Wood (Spring 2007)
Gems and the Treatment of Gems-
                     Janice S. Hickey (Fall 2008)
A Scam is a Scam- Anita Jones (Fall 2016)

gem locations
         Montana gemstones
                   Karen Schiffer Mayberry
  (Spring 2005)

          Black Hills Gold
- Vicki L. Larkins (Spring 2005)
- Kilee Harden  (Spring 2006)
          Polishing Gemstones
                    Leticia L. Basurto  (Spring 2007)