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Flash Floods
Zane Rudkin
Physical Geology
Spring 2009

                                          Flash Floods

          A flash flood is the fasted moving type of flood. This occurs when heavy rain fall gathers in a stream or wash, turning the calm area into a violent rush of water. The raging water coming out of nowhere almost is what catches people of guard making flash floods extremely dangerous.


How Flash Floods Happen
          All floods consist of rising water and overflowing of it normal path. The flash flood is quick and comes with little to no warning; this is why it is such a specific type of flood. Numerous about of things can be the reason for a flash flood to happen. Usually they are the result of heavy rainfall concentrated over one general area. Flash flooding is mostly caused though by slow moving thunderstorms, thunderstorms that consist over the same area repeatedly.
Flash Flooding in Sabino Creek, AZ


What Flash Floods Can Do
           Flash floods can ruin almost anything that is in its path. They have the power and strength to carry very large rocks, trees, and even cars in some cases. Flash floods have even been reported to tear and take whole house down. Their walls can reach 10 to 20 feet of water with debris and anything else it as picked up in its extreme force.

Flash Flood after effects in Indonesia

How to Prepare

         The only way to prepare for a flash flood is to be aware of the weather and pay attention when there are extreme amounts of heavy rainfall. Make sure to listen to weather reports for flood information. Weather forecasters may announce a flash flood watch when there is a possibility that rain will cause flooding. If some flooding has begun to occur, a flash flood advisory will be announced. When outside and you can see a flood coming your way you need to get to high grounds as soon as possible.