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Roger Weller, geology instructor

by Lauren Laposta
Physical Geology
Spring 2013



The History of Debswana

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DeBeers is the largest diamond mining company and distributer in the world. They are responsible for 40% of the diamond production across the globe as well as 45% of rough diamond distribution.

Description: Diamond Trading Company

Debswana was founded on June 23rd 1969 around the time that De Beers geologists first arrived in Botswana. After three years of mining De Beers geologists found a diamond pipe in 1972 in Jwaneng, Botswana.




Debswana is a company in which the Botswana Government and the De Beers Consolidated Mines Ltd each hold a 50% share. This agreement keeps much of the profit being created by these gemstone rich mines from leaving the country.  It recirculates through the economy of Botswana in helping build roads and keep local residents employed. Diamonds provide more than 70 per cent of Botswana’s foreign exchange.


Debswana is a key player in the national economy of Botswana, producing in excess of 70% of Botswana's export earnings, 30% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and 50% of government revenue.

With the help of De Beers Diamond CO. the company is continuing introduction of the latest diamond related technologies. As a result, DTC Botswana is the most advanced diamond sorting and valuing operation in the world. This keeps their economy up and leaves much opportunity for their own growth within the world.



Many people, both in America and in Botswana note the importance of the Debswana agreement. Hillary Clinton is one strong advocate of the Debswana organization as she is quoted saying “…The model that Botswana used when it discovered diamonds--it made sure there was a trust fund created for the country so that all of the money didn’t leave the country. In order to let a company like De Beers exploit their diamonds, they said we want to own 20 percent of the company. And as a result, if you go to Botswana, you see good roads, you see clean water, because the people and their leaders said we’re not going to be exploited and we’re not going to let the benefits end up in a very few hands.”


Another positive attribute De Beers presents to Botswana is the health and well-being of its employees. As HIV/AIDS is a very prevalent disease in Botswana, Debswana is making strong efforts to help prevent new infections, care and support of those infected with HIV and keep up with the containment of costs. This not only ensures that the company will not lose its employees it also contributes to the entire society.



Through the creation of Debswana has brought many positive changes to South Africa including providing 3,200 manufacturing jobs and has truly put back into the community helping not only their employees but their spouses and children as well with the HIV/AIDS prevention.




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