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Roger Weller, geology instructor

by Kurt Kutzner
Physical Geology
Fall 2013


Chrysoprase Gemstones


            Chrysoprase is called the stone of Venus and is often mistaken for looking like an emerald. They have a nice rich apple green color to them and are actually quite valuable. Chrysoprase is the most valuable in the chalcedony family and has a large amount of nickel in them causing the green color to show. While it is not the most rare of gems, it is very rare in the chalcedony family and can be found in many sections of the world. Much of the world's chrysoprase comes from Western Australia, Germany, Russia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Tanzania, India, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Brazil, and the states of Arizona, California and Oregon. So even though itís a rare gem, it can be found in many areas rather than in just one part of the world.




Chrysoprase has many different looks to it but will usually always keep its distinctive green color. Beads are popular using chrysoprase but it can be used to make rings, pendants, pins, earrings, and even necklaces. Another interesting fact about the gem is its ranked in the six-seven range in the mohs scale for hardness.

            The green color that chrysoprase has is beautiful and is largely due to why people buy it and helps add to the price. Just like with many of the gemstones out there, how it looks is one of the most important aspects to the people who buy them. Chrysoprase isnít as popular as something like an emerald because people donít really know about it.

When buying chrysoprase, you must be careful because it can easily be fake. Not only can it be mistaken for being an emerald, it can be mistaken as jade as well. It can also be dyed to help it look like chrysoprase. It is wise to be careful when purchasing these gems.




            Chrysoprase is formed through a secondary process of the oxidation of salicylic acid solutions and nickel deposits. The nickel deposits are what lead to the apple green color that it is known for. Chrysoprase is cryptocrystalline; this means that it is made up of crystals so fine that they cannot be seen as distinct particles under normal magnification. This greatly set it apart from others. It is set apart from other rock crystals and other types of crystalline quartz.


            While chrysoprase is not the most unique or prettiest gemstone out there, it is still nice to have. The color it has is a great alternate to something such as an emerald or jade. It comes in all types of jewelry and it the stone of Venus. The stone also instills you with poise, grace and helps you to recognize the gentle beauty within yourself so you can enjoy self-expression and courage through fluent speech and mental dexterity. This is for the people who people who believe in such things but the stone symbolizes happiness which would be another reason someone might want to invest in the apple green colored stone.



            Chrysoprase can be found all over the world but the best quality of it is found in Queensland, Australia. It is now known as the dominant source for the gemstone.