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Sean Eustice
Physical Geology
Fall 2008

What to Look For in Caves

Okay, kids, so before we go on the field trip to a cave we have to make sure that we talk about things to look out for in a cave. There are many things that live in caves such as bats, insects, and cave-adapted animals. For these living creatures, a cave is their home just like you and your home.   For example:

Your house had to be made by a builder using supplies and materials.

When a cave is being created its building supplies and materials are water. They have little holes going to the outside of them that if it rains the water can leak into the cave forming different structures.

R.Weller/Cochise College.


You have lights that hang from your ceiling.


Even though they do not give off light in a cave, they have things that hang from the ceiling that are called stalactites that are made of material in dripping water. Now, we can remember these because stalactites have to hold on tight to the ceiling.
R.Weller/Cochise College.



Caves also have formations-large objects- that stand on the floor that are called stalagmites.


 R.Weller/Cochise College.


Just like how your parents go shopping and bring food home for you to eat in your house.  They have little holes going to the outside of them.  If it rains, the water can carry food into the caves so that the living, can eat without going outside of the cave.


So boys and girls, now that we know a little about what to look for in caves we are ready to go on our field trip. If we have any more questions during our field trip we can talk about it as a class and if we still cannot figure it out we can ask our tour guide.