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Roger Weller, geology instructor
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iron-nickel meteorite

Planetary Geology Topics
The following 22 educational displays were developed
by Cochise College students.

       Astrogeology- Tamara Diffey  (Fall 2006)
     Geologic Conditions Required for
     Harboring Life on Other Planets-

              Tressa Mackin (Fall 2012)

     Mars, the Red Planet
- Marie Reid  (Spring 2005) 
  The Water Phenomena on Mars- Aliesa Wrecenyar (Spring 2017)
Tharsis Plateau- Nicolas P. (Fall 2016)
 Ice on Mars- Kim Ransford (Fall 2012)
Liquid Water on Mars and the Search for Life-
              Shauna Ilse  (Spring 2005)
Mars- Jonathan Cunningham (Spring 2011)
Olympus Mons, Mars- Kelley Paskell (Fall 2011)
     The Moon-  Jared Hill  (Fall 2007)
What Makes the Moon- Roy Fox (Spring 2012)
Lunar Volcanism- Patrick Ransford (Fall 2012)
Creation of the Earth and the Moon-
               Richard G. Martinez  (Fall 2007)
Jovian Moons- Monika Maez  (Spring 2006)
Io: Moon in Torment-  Rachel Wolfe  (Spring 2010)
      Moldavites- Zachary Brown  (Fall 2007)
 Widmanstatten Pattern in Iron Meteorites-
Ryan Fox (Spring 2013)
meteorite impacts
      Barringer Crater, Arizona- John Roberts (Fall 2017)
Meteor Crater, Northern Arizona- Nancy Lewis  (Spring 2005)
   Barringer Meteor Crater- Katherine A. Smith (Fall 2011)
The Origin of Tektites- Selina Moore (Fall 2009)

The Mars Project  (instructor produced)- Roger Weller
Water on Mars  ( experiments for grade school students)