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Mineralogy Topics
The following 23 educational displays were
developed by Cochise College students.
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          The Mineral That Started a War: Columbite-Tantalite-                                
                      by Lyndsey Gruey (Spring 2006)

Tantalum, Cell Phones, and War
                      by Jennifer Starkey  (Spring 2005)

          Copper-by Mike Hernandez  (Spring 2005)
          All About Gold- by Christina Lancaster  (Fall 2005)
Gold, the Native Element- by Michelle Simmons  (Fall 2005)
Gold, Silver, Copper- Precious Commodities-
                      by Simara Hubble (Fall 2005)

          The Mysticism of Silver- by Shaun Hickey  (Fall 2005)
          The History of Tungsten- by Matt Wozniak  (Fall 2005)
          Radon Gas- by Luis Aguilera  (Fall 2005)
          Minerals in the Human Body- Katherine Shipman
                                      (Fall 2006)

          The Special Relationship between Azurite and Malachite-
                     by Jesse Smith  (Fall 2005)
          Mica, The Wonder Mineral- by Amanda Temenak (Fall 2005)

          Olivine and Peridot- by Rachel Fero  (Spring 2005)
          Geodes-by Shawn Engle  (Spring 2005)
          Zeolites- by Nathan Aloisio  (Spring 2006)
          Majestic Selenite- Nancy Moses (Spring 2009)
          Conflict Diamonds- by Elizabeth Cruz (Fall 2006)

mining and use of earth materials
The Worries of a Bisbee Copper Miner-
                      by Maria Ramos  (Spring 2006)

          A Look at Mining-by Jessi Nesbitt  (Spring 2005)
Granite Quarries- by Shayna Redwine  (Spring 2006)                             
          Mining in North Carolina- by Johnny Petteway  (Fall 2005)                       
          What is Concrete?- by Andrew Haldorson  (Fall 2005)
          Gold Mining- by Erica Archer (Fall 2006)

          Outlook Good for Petroleum's Future?
                            by Odessa Solomon (Fall 2006)