Text Box: Aquamarines are not only for women.  Aquamarines look great for men in rings crafted with wide bands.
Text Box: Rings are not the only way to wear an aquamarine, their look beautiful in all type of jewelry in any size.  In fact, with aquamarines, the more the merrier.  Aquamarines look their best when grouped together in a piece of jewelry.  
Text Box: Aquamarines, unlike their "sister" the emerald, are often completely flawless.  Aquamarines are not only noticeable for their beautiful blue-green color, but also for their awesome sparkle.  
My personal opinion is that aquamarines are best suited to be set in silver or white gold.  Gold has a tendency to wash out the color of the aquamarine, and it seems as though the aquamarine also washes out the gold.  
In the pictures at the left, compare the rings that have the aquamarines in gold and in silver. 
In the first picture, the silver around the aquamarine helps retain the blue-green color while in the third picture it is evident how the color of the aquamarine has become washed out.