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Where Can You Find Aquamarines?
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Aquamarines can be found in a verity of places, but the best commercial source is in Brazil.  It has been mined along the Jequitinhonha river in the State of Minas Gerais, near Minas Novas and by the Mucuri River near Teofilo at Marambaia.  Other locations in Brazil where aquamarine has been mined is in the region of Cera and Rio Grande do Norte.  
Another well know location for the blue-green gemstone is in the Ural Mountains in Russia.  Other Russian locations include the Sanaka River which is at the southern end of the Ural Mountains, the Adul-Chalon Mountains and near the Urulga River.  
The Island of Madagasgar has multiple locations where aquamarines are found along with finds in South-West Africa at Rossing and Rhodesia.  India has a few in Kashmir, the Coimbatore district of Madras and Rajasthan.  
There are also a number of locations in the United States that are sources for Aquamarines.  In North Carolina it is found at Hurricane Mountain, Yancy County, and Grassy Creek, Mitchell County.  In Colorado aquamarine can be found at Mount Antero while California has numerous locations such as Litchfield County, Middlesex County, San Diego County.  Other locations include Stoneham, Albany, and Paris, Oxford County, Maine.
Other places that do have Aquamarine include Tanzania, Argentina, China, Norway and Northern Ireland.  While Aquamarines are found here, they are not the best in gem quality.
Buying Locally
With anything in the world, you get what you pay for, so it is best to know who is selling it to you.  While there are many great deal online with the world wide web at our finger tips, it is best to go to a jeweler's.  
There are many downfalls to trying to get high quality gemstones from an online company, even if it is a well respected company.  A gemstone is something that needs to be seen in person, not just a picture online.  Who knows if the picture has been altered, or if that is even the gemstone that you will get.  Each and every aquamarine is an individual which its own shade of coloring, so it is best to see the exact one you will be getting to assure it is the color that you want.  
When buying from a trusted jeweler, you have the peace of mind knowing that they will still be in business next week, unlike an online website, which can come and go in a matter of hours.  Local jeweler's are also more likely to be willing to work and find exactly what you want and have the luxury of searching for what you want unlike big name jewelry companies like you would find in a local mall.