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North Dakota Badlands

Bedrock Geology
Bedrock Geologic Map of North Dakota
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Bibliography of North Dakota Geology
Collective Bibliography of North Dakota Geology

Caves in North Dakota

The Medicine Hole
Ice Caves

North Dakota Coal Profile
Clinkers formed by burning coal beds

Collecting Sites
Rockhounding in North Dakota

Devils Lake
The Origin and Behavior of Devils Lake


North Dakota Earthquake History
North Dakota Seismicity Map
Largest Earthquake in North Dakota

Eskers in North Dakota
Geology of the Fargo, North Dakota, Region

Flooding in Minot

North Dakota Geological Survey Paleontology
North Dakota State Fossil Collection
Paleontology of Theodore Roosevelt National Park
Geology and Prehistoric Life of Rendezvous Region
Mosasaurs and Sharks
Marine Life During the Cretaceous
Fossil Public Dig
Petrified Wood

Dakota Dinosaur Museum Dickinson, North Dakota (Historical Museums)
North Dakota's Hells Creek Fossils

Gem and Mineral Clubs
North Dakota Gem and Mineral Clubs
Central Dakota Gem and Mineral Society

Geology in North Dakota
glacial deposits in North America

Glacial Features
Ice-Thrusting in North Dakota
Glacial Features of North Dakota
Glacial Lake Agassiz

Lake Agassiz
Lake Agassiz-Wikipedia
Lake Agassiz, the ultimate fishing spot?
The Glacial Lake Agassiz-USGS

North Dakota maps from Omni Resources - International Map & Guidebook Specialists.

Mineral Resources
Gold in North Dakota
North Dakota Mineral Resources

Missouri River
Missouri River

Killdeer and Turtle Mountains

Dakota Dinosaur Museum
Virtual Tour of the Dakota Dinosaur Museum

North Dakota Geological Society
North Dakota Geological Society
North Dakota Geological Society Publications

North Dakota Geological Survey
Geology in North Dakota
North Dakota Geologic Survey Publications

North Dakota State University-Dept. of Geosciences
North Dakota State University: Dept. of Geosciences

Oil and Gas
NDIC Oil & Gas Division Home Page

Petrified Wood
North Dakota’s Petrified Wood

Prairie Coteau
Digital Shaded Relief Map of the Prairie Coteau

Raised Topographic map
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Rocks and Minerals
Rocks and Minerals of North Dakota

Sand and Gravel- North Dakota
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State Gemstone
Opal-State Gemstone

Surface Geologic Map- North Dakota
Surface Geologic Map of North Dakota

University of North Dakota-Geology and Geological Engineering
UND Geology and Geological Engineering Home Page

North Dakota uranium maps

Volcanic Ash
Mining of volcanic ash

Williston Basin
North Dakota and Williston Basin Geology Publications