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Acadian Orogeny
Acadian Orogeny

Geologic History of the Adirondacks
New Mountains from Old Rocks
Adirondack Geology

Appalachian Plateau
Appalachian Plateau- Wikipedia

American Museum of Natural History

Bear Mountain
Bear Mountain State Park

Buffalo Association of Professional Geologists
BAPG Website

Catskill Delta
Geological Sciences 101
Catskill Formation- Wikipedia

Natural Stone Bridge and Caves, Pottersville, NY
Welcome To Howe Caverns!

Central New York
Virtual Fieldtrip of Central New York

Chimney Bluff

Collecting Sites
Collecting Areas- New York

Map showing the Great Drumlin Fields located in Western New York

New York Earthquake Information
Seismicity Map of New York
Earthquake History of New York

eurypterids from New York
eurypterid fossils

Finger Lakes
Finger Lakes Geology
Formation of the Finger Lakes
map of the Finger Lakes (ignore sound bit)

New York Paleontology (in revision)
Beecher's Trilobites Bed
Rocks and Fossils of New York State
Finding Fossils in New York

Garnets- Barton Mine
Bob's Rock Shop: Largest Mineral Crystals on Record
Garnet Mine Tours, an Adirondack Adventure in North River
Garnet -Cochise College

Gem and Mineral Clubs
New York Gem and Mineral Clubs
Club Sites
New York Mineralogical Club
Suffolk Gem & Mineral Club
Rochester Academy of Science

Geologic Map of New York
JPEG image 1851x1442 pixels

Geology Museums
American Museum of Natural History
Welcome to PRI - Ithaca's Museum of the Earth!

Geology of New York
Geology of New York City
New York Geological Association
Geology of New York- Links
Geology of Western New York
Paleontology Portal- New York

New York State Museum Bulletin No. 84
Ice Age Landscape
Glacial Geology of New York

Graphite from the Treadway Quarry
Graphite crystal from New York

Herkimer Diamonds
Herkimer Diamonds - New York USA
Herkimer Diamond Collecting Sites
Herkimer Diamonds-You Tube  video
Collecting Herkimer Diamonds- You Tube   video
Herkimer Diamond Collection- You Tube  video
Herkimer Diamond Cochise College

Hudson River
Hudson River Valley Region

Kashong Glen
Fieldtrip to Kashong Glen

Long Island Geology
Geology of Long Island
Long Island- Wikipedia
Long Island Geology
New York maps from Omni Resources - International Map & Guidebook Specialists.

Westchester Marble

McIntyre Bluff
Hiking New York’s North Coast
Mineral Collections
history - NYS museum mineral collection
New York State Museum

Minerals from New York
Braunite -Cochise College
Dolomite -Cochise College
Fluorite -Cochise College
Hornblende -Cochise College
Oolitic Hematite -Cochise College
Magnetite -Cochise College
Millerite -Cochise College
Selenite Cleavage with Bubble -Cochise College
Serpentine -Cochise College

-Cochise College
Tremolite -Cochise College
Wollastonite -Cochise College

Mining and Minerals Industry of New York
Non-Fuel mining in New York
Mines and minerals of New York **
Essex County mines and minerals

New York State Geological Association
Home Page

New York State Geological Survey
New York State Geological Survey:unofficial gateway

New York State Museum
New York State Museum

Niagara Falls
St. Lawrence Geology Club 1997 Field Trip
Niagara Falls-Live
Origins of Niagara
Niagara Falls-American Falls A- Cochise College
Niagara Falls-American Falls B- Cochise College
Niagara Falls-Horseshoe Falls- Cochise College
geologic maps of the Niagara Falls area- Cochise College
Niagara Falls, New York- April Mangum- Cochise College

Paleontological Research Institute
Welcome to PRI - Ithaca's Museum of the Earth!

Palisades Sill
Palisades Sill

Rock&Gem Online: New England Pegmatites

Penfield Quarry
Fluorite from Penfield Quarry
Selenite from Penfield Quarry- Cochise College

Queenston Delta
Queenston Delta

Raised Topographic Map
GIF image 900x743 pixels

Solution Salt Mining in New York State, regulated by the NYSDEC Division of Mineral Resources. to be updated
The Solution Salt Mining Industry in New York. NYSDEC Division of Mineral Resources.

Stark'S Knob
Stark's Knob

Staten Island
The Geology of Staten Island

State University of NY-Buffalo-Dept of Geology
University at Buffalo, Department of Geology

State University of NY-Cortland-Dept. Geology
SUNY Cortland, Department of Geology

Taconic Orogeny
Taconic Orogeny

New York-Alabama Lineament

Tully Valley
Tully Valley landslide study

USGS in New York
USGS Minerals Information: New York

Western New York
Geology of Western New York

Wollastonite from New York