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A.E. Seaman Mineral Museum
A.E. Seaman Mineral Museum: TABLE OF CONTENTS

Animikie Basin
Animikie Basin field trip

Aragonite from Parma, Michigan -Cochise College

Bedrock Geology of Michigan
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Calcite: A. E. Seaman Mineral Museum

Calvin 28 Meteor Crater
Cass County meteor crater
Calvin impact crater

Bear Cave-a show cave
Grand Island ice caves

Michigan coal basin
The coal fields of Bay County

Collecting Sites
Rock Collecting in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan
Lower Mine Dump, Central Mine, Keweenaw County
Rock collecting tour-Northern Peninsula

Copper and Copper Mining
Copper Country Road Trips: Copper Mining sites in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan The Copper Range and Copper Country History and Photos
Native Copper
Native copper specimen- Cochise College
Tarnished native copper from Michigan -Cochise College
Basalt with native copper- Cochise College
Copper specimens-Michigan Mineralogical Society *

DATOLITE (Calcium Boron Silicate Hydroxide)
Seamanite: A. E. Seaman Mineral Museum
Polished datolite from Michigan -Cochise College

Earthquake history of Michigan
Seismicity map of Michigan
Largest earthquake in Michigan
Seismic hazard map of Michigan

Unique Treasures
Michigan Fossils
Michigan Brachiopods
Michigan Stromatolites
Algal stromatolites-Kona Dolomite
Michigan mastodons
The Michigan mastodon
Mastodons in Pittsfield Township, Michigan
Mastodon Tooth -Cochise College
Fossil Tooth-Jefferson's Mammoth -Cochise College
Gem and Mineral Clubs
Michigan Gem and Mineral Clubs
map of Michigan rock clubs

Geologic Map of Michigan
Michigan geologic map
Michigan bedrock geology map
Digital geologic maps

Geology Museums
Cranbrook Institute of Science

Glacial Features
Glacial History of Michigan
Michigan forests during the Ice Age
Michigan's geological landscape
Drumlins in Michigan
When glaciers covered Michigan
Why Michigan is shaped like a mitten (glaciers)

Gold in Michigan
Gold Nuggets
Twenter, F.R., 1975, Ground water and geology--southeastern Michigan: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Detroit, Michigan, 143 p.

Alabaster, Michigan
Grand Rapids gypsum mine

Iron Ore
Michigan iron mines
Iron Mining
Specular hematite from Republic, Michigan -Cochise College
Republic iron mine, Marquette Iron Range
banded iron formation from Michigan:  1  2 -Cochise College

Isle Royale Greenstones
Michigan greenstone
Isle Royale Greenstones
Pumpellyite -Cochise College

Keeweenaw Peninsula
The Natural Wall, A Keweenaw wonder
 Virtual field trip to the Keweenaw peninsula
Geology and mineral deposits of the Keweenaw peninsula

Keweenawan System
Keweenawan System

Kona Dolomite
Kona Dolomite
Varieties of Kona Dolomite
Kona dolomite from northern Michigan:  A -Cochise College

Lake Superior Agates
Da Yooper's Rockhound and Lapidary Guide to Lake Superior Agates
Lake Superior agates-Wikipedia
Lake Superior agate photos
Lake Superior agate:  A  B  C  D -Cochise College

Lake Superior and the Porcupine Mountains
Virtual geology field trip-Porcupine Mountains -Cochise College

World's largest limestone quarry-Rogers City

Michigan maps from Omni Resources - International Map & Guidebook Specialists.

Michigan Basin
PTTC - Michigan Basin Center

Michigan Basin-maps-Cochise College
Geologic Cross-Section of the Michigan Basin
Faults and fractures in the Michigan Basin

Michigan Geological Survey
Department of Environmental Quality- Geology

Michigan State University-Geosciences
Dept. of Geological Sciences

Michigan Technological University
Michigan Technological University

Mid-Continent Rift System
Midcontinent rift fault in Michigan

Mineral and Rock Clubs
Michigan Mineralogical Society
Mineral Collecting
Rock Collecting Tour of the Western Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Minerals from Michigan
Mineralogy of Michigan
Calcite with Copper Inclusions -Cochise College
Copper Boulder -Cochise College
Copper Crystals -Cochise College
Goethite -Cochise College
Kidney Ore-Hematite -Cochise College
Micaceous Hematite -Cochise College
Specular Hematite -Cochise College

Mine Shafts in Michigan
Mine and stamp mills
Dangers of abandoned mines in Michigan
The mineral industry of Michigan

Oil and Gas
Michigan Project
Fracture patterns of the Antrim shale gas deposit
Antrim shale as a supplier of natural gas

Petosky Stones
Da Yooper's Guide to Petoskey Stones
Petosky Stones
Hexagonaria (Petosky stone):  1  2  3  4  5  6 -Cochise College

Raised Topographic Map
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Ghostly salt city under Detroit
salt mining under Detroit
Salt Stalactite -Cochise College

Sand Dunes
Lake Michigan sand dunes
Sleeping Bear sand dunes
protecting Michigan sand dunes
Michigan Silver
Silver -Cochise College

Sulfur from the Scofield quarry -Cochise College

Tahquamenon Falls
Tahquamenon Falls  Emily Woodmansee-Cochise College

Thomsonite from Michigan- Cochise College

University of Michigan-Geological Sciences
UM Department of Geology