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Acadia National Park
geology of Acadia National Park

Bates College
Bates College-Geology

Bedrock Geologic Map- Maine
bedrock geologic map of Maine

Bureau of Geology and Natural Areas
Maine Natural Resources Information and Mapping Center

Enchanted Cave

A Caveman's Guide to Maine
Debsconeag Ice Caves

Colby College- Geology Department
Geology at Colby College, Maine

Collecting Sites
Any amount of beryl, amethyst, smoky quartz, garnet and tourmaline can be found in Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire
Mineral Collecting in Maine

Earthquake Information
Maine Seismicity Map
Largest Earthquake in Maine

Maine Fossils
Maine's Fossil Record
Maine Paleontology- The Paleontology Portal
State Fossil of Maine
Fossil Collecting Sites
Paleontology in Maine- Wikipedia
Maine Marine Fossils

Gem and Mineral Clubs
List of Clubs
Maine Mineral Clubs

Geological Society of Maine
Geological Society of Maine
Maine Geology at the Smithsonian Institution

Geology of Maine
Bedrock Geology

Bedrock Geology Map of Maine
Maine Geologic Map
Virtual Tour of Maine Geology

Glacial History
The glaciers did it
Gulf of Maine

Maine Bureau of Geology and Natural Areas
Maine Bureau of Geology and Natural Areas

Maine Geological Survey
Maine Geological Survey

Maine Mineralogical and Geological Society
Maine Mineralogical and Geological Society

Maine maps from, world leader in map supply.

Mineral Collecting
Berry Mine, East Poland, Maine

Mineral Museums
mineral related attractions

Minerals from Maine
Mineral specimens from New England: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut.
famous mineral localities in Maine
gem tourmaline locations in Maine
Maine's State Mineral- Tourmaline
Fluorapatite from Maine
Beryl -Cochise College
Chrysoberyl -Cochise College
Spodumene -Cochise College
Uraninite -Cochise College
Vesuvianite -Cochise College

Mining in Maine-  YouTube video
Mining Gemstones in Maine- YouTube video

Mt. Mica
mining at Mt. Mica
the 2003 season at Mt. Mica
Coromoto Minerals- Mt. Mica
Mount Mica Mining Operations 2005

Maine Mineral and Gem Museum
Maine State Museum
Maine Discovery Museum

Pegmatite Gem Mines Oxford County Maine
Poland, Maine pegmatites
Maine Pegmatites- video
Poland Mining Camps
Mineral Collecting in Maine Pegmatite- book
New England Pegmatites

Raised Topographic Map
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The Roadside Geology of Maine

Satellite Image of Maine
AVHRR image: ME_213.n14.96oct18_1815  **


Surface Geologic Map- Maine
Surface Geologic Map of Maine

The Maine Geologist-newsletter
June, 2002

Topographic Map-Raised
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Rock&Gem Online: New England Pegmatites
Tourmaline crystals from Mount Paris
State Mineral of Maine- Tourmaline
Maine Tourmaline in Jewelry
Maine Watermelon Tourmaline
Maine Tourmaline

University of Maine
University of Maine- School of Earth and Climate Sciences

University of Southern Maine
University of Southern Maine- Department of Geosciences

the volcanic past of Maine