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Louisiana and coal

Louisiana earthquake information
seismicity map of Louisiana
Louisiana may be overdue for an earthquake

Louisiana Fossil Page
Mesozoic (Cretaceous) Vertebrate Fossils
Paul V. Heinrich Home and Louisiana Fossil Page
Fossil Hunting in Louisiana
Fossils of Tunica Hills, Louisiana
Fossils found in Louisiana
Fossil Hunting Locations in Louisiana *
Louisiana-The Paleontology Portal

Barrier Islands
USGS Fact Sheet: Louisiana Barrier Islands

Gem and Mineral Clubs
Louisiana Gem and Mineral Societies
Louisiana Geoscience Associates

Geologic Maps- Louisiana
Generalized Geologic Map of Louisiana
Geologic Map of Louisiana

Geology Museums
Louisiana Art and Science Museum

Geology of Louisiana
CVO Menu - America's Volcanic Past - Louisiana  (slow to load)

Haynesville Shale
Haynesville Formation

Lafayette Geological Society
Lafayette Geological Society

Louisiana Department of Natural Resources
Louisiana Department of Natural Resources

Louisiana Geology
Generalized Geology of Louisiana

Louisiana Geological Survey
Louisiana maps from Omni Resources - International Map & Guidebook Specialists.

Bushy Creek Feature- crater?

Meteorite hits house in Louisiana

Surface Mining

Mississippi River Delta
Mississippi River Delta -Cochise College
SIR-C/X-SAR image Mississippi Delta
Mississippi Delta- Wikipedia
Mississippi River Delta Basin

Pimple Mounds-References
General Pimple Mound References
Geoarchaeology of Pimple Mounds References

Raised Topographic Map
GIF image 900x847 pixels

Salt Domes
Salt Domes in Louisiana
salt dome sinkhole- video
Salt Domes and Petroleum
Geothermal Patterns of Louisiana Salt Domes

State Fossil
Louisiana State Fossil-Petrified Palmwood
Louisiana Petrified Palmwood
Example of Petrified Pamwood
Louisiana Palmwood
Palmoxylon of the Catahoula Formation

State Gem
Louisiana State Gemstone- Agate

A History of Louisiana Sulfur Industry

Sulphur, Louisiana- Wikipedia

Fault-Line Scarps Research

Tuscaloosa Marine Shale
Tuscaloosa Marine Shale

University of Louisiana-Geology
University of Louisiana-Lafayette- Geology Department

USGS in Louisiana
USGS-Geologic Information about Louisiana