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Arkansas River
Arkansas River Lowlands

LASR - Comanche County, Kansas - Caves
Kansas caves
Kansas Speleological Society
K.S.S. Study of Caves

Chalk Buttes

Chalk Buttes

Chatauqua Hills
Chatauqua Hills

Cherokee Lowlands
Cherokee Lowlands

Coal Mining in Kansas
History of Coal Mining in Kansas
Kansas Coal-Links

Kansas Earthquake Information
Manhattan Kansas Earthquake
Earthquakes in Kansas

Flint Hills
Flint Hills

Geokansas Fossils
Keystone Gallery- Art, Fossils, and Curiosities in Western Kansas
Oceans of Kansas Paleontology
Ancient Life in Kansas
Fossilweb- Kansas links
Paleontology Portal- Kansas Fossils
Kansas Geologic Time Scale

Gem and Mineral Clubs
Bob's Rock Shop-Kansas Gem and Mineral Clubs
Kansas Gem and Mineral Clubs
Wichita Gem and Mineral Society

Geology Field Trips
Geologic Guidebooks
Places to Visit

Geologic Maps- Kansas
Geologic Map of Kansas

Geology Museums
Fick Fossil and History Museum
Galena Mining and Historical Museum

Geology of Kansas
frequently asked questions about geology
Kansas Geology-Wikipedia
Kansas Geology Links

Glaciated Areas in Kansas

High Plains

High Plains

Kansas Geological Survey
Kansas Geological Survey
Kansas Geological Survey Publications

Kansas State University
Kansas State University-Geology Department

Lead and Zinc Mining
Lead and Zinc Mining in Kansas
KGS- Lead and Zinc Mining
Mining in Kansas
Kansas Mines

Kansas maps from Omni Resources - International Map & Guidebook Specialists.

Kansas meteorites
Kansas Meteorite Museum

Minerals from Kansas
Rocks and Minerals of Kansas
Chalcopyrite -Cochise College
Galena -Cochise College
Quartz Pseudomorph after Halite -Cochise College

Oil and Gas- Kansas
Interactive Oil and Gas Maps
Kansas Oil and Gas Map*
Kansas Oil Museum

Osage Cuestas
Osage Cuestas

Ozark Plateau
Ozark Plateau

Physiographic Map- Kansas
Physiographic Map of Kansas
Kansas Physiographic Provinces
Shaded Relief Map of Kansas
Major River Basins in Kansas- map

Raised Topographic Map
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Red Hills

Red Hills

Smoky Hills
Smoky Hills of Kansas-fossils

University of Kansas
University of Kansas-Geology Department

USGS in Kansas
USGS-Geologic Information about Kansas