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Bedrock Geology
Indiana Bedrock Geology

Karst in Indiana
Marengo Cave U.S. National Landmark: Home
Marengo Cave National Landmark Marengo, Indiana (Caves and Caverns)
Squire Boone Caverns
U.S. Show Caves Directory: Indiana
w w w . i n d i a n a - c a v e s . org | Indiana Cave Conservation Association
Wyandotte Caves Wyandotte, Indiana (Caves and Caverns)
Karst Features in Indiana

Facts about coal in Indiana

Collecting Regulations

How to Collect Indiana Fossils

Rockhounding indiana

Indiana Earthquake History
Indiana Seismicity Map
Largest Earthquake in Indiana

Falls of the Ohio State Park
Falls of the Ohio State Park

Fossil Collecting Indiana
fossil collecting areas in Indiana
Whitewater Gorge Park-fossil hunting **

Indiana Dinosaurs?
Home Page of Indiana Fossils **
Crawfordsville crinoids **
Indiana faunal fossil nodules
Carboniferous Fossils from Indiana
Devonian Fossils from Indiana 
Silurian Fossils from Indiana 
Ordovician Fossils from Indiana 
Quaternary Fossils from Indiana
Collecting Plant Fossils in Indiana
Cincinnatian Fossils from the Ordovician in Indiana **

Fossils: An Ancient Sea in Indiana
Paleontology Portal for Indiana **

Gem and Mineral Clubs
Indiana Gem and Mineral Clubs

Geologic Map
Indiana State Geologic Map

Glacial Geology
Glacial Boundaries in Indiana
Ice Age in Indiana
Loess in Indiana

Groundwater in Indiana

Indiana Geological Survey
Indiana Geological Survey

Kentland Impact Structure
Kentland Impact Structure
Kentland Crater-Wikipedia
Kentland Impact Structure Photos
Map of Kentland Structure
Kentland Quarry

Indiana Maps from Omni Resources - International Map & Guidebook Specialists.

Meteorites in Indiana

Mineral Collecting Sites
Indiana collecting sites
Minerals from Indiana
Mineral Photograph and Description of Calcite from Paul Frank Quarry, North Vernon, Indiana.
Mineral Photograph and Description of Calcite from Berry Materials Quarry, North Vernon, Indiana.
calcite and aragonite
Illite -Cochise College

List of museums with geology exhibits

Oil and Gas
Indiana Oil and Gas
Drilling for Oil and Gas

Purde University-Geology Department
IUPUI Geology Department

Raised Topographic Map
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Carboniferous Rocks in Indiana 
Devonian Rocks in Indiana 
Silurian Rocks in Indiana 
Ordovician Rocks in Indiana 

Surficial Geology
Indiana Surficial Geology

Tectonic Features
Tectonic Features of Indiana

Indiana trilobites **

White River Basin
Brief description of the White River Basin