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Agatized Coral
agatized coral
Florida Gemstones
Silicified Coral -Cochise College
Silicified Coral #2 -Cochise College

cave diving sites
Florida show caves
Florida Speleological Society

Coquina Limestone
Anastasia Formation Coquina
coquina limestone, Fort Augustine, Florida
Coquina Limestone -Cochise College

Department of Environmental Protection

Everglades Geological Society
Everglades Geological Society
Everglades Geological Society Bulletin, vol.18, #3

Everglades National Park
Everglades Geology
Everglades National Park Geology
Everglades geology map -Cochise College

Florida Atlantic University-Geology Dept.
Florida Atlantic University- Geosciences

Florida Geological Survey
Florida Geological Survey Home Page
Florida Geologic Topics - Florida Geological Survey
Florida Geological Survey- List of Publications

Florida Keys
Geology and Origin of the Florida Keys
Geology and Hydrology of the Florida Keys
Keys Geology
USGS Fact Sheet: Geology and Human Activity in the Florida Keys
Florida Keys geology map -Cochise College

Florida Museum of Natural History
FLMNH Paleo Resources

Florida State University- Department of Geological Sciences
FSU Department of Geological Sciences

Fossil Collecting-Florida
FLMNH Paleo Resources
Fossil Expeditions

collecting fossil shark teeth
Florida Fossil Hunters Web Site
Florida Geological Survey-fossils
fossil collecting locations
General Fossils from Paleo Enterprises
The Hall of Florida Fossils
Prehistoric Portraits

Florida Fossil Horse Newsletter
Horse evolution over 55 million years

Thomas Farm - The Hall of Florida Fossils
Giant Ground Sloth
Bones of Giant Sloth Found in Everglades
Fossil Horse Teeth -Cochise College
Fossil Horse Tooth-2 -Cochise College
Fossil Horse Teeth-3 -Cochise College
Bear Skull -Cochise College

Gem and Mineral Clubs
Club Sites
Florida gem and rock clubs
gem and rock clubs

Geologic History
Amazon.com: buying info: The Geology of Florida
Florida Geologic History
Notes on Florida Geology

Geologic Map
Florida Geology - Enchanted Forest Nature Sanctuary - Titusville, Florida
Geology Map of the State of Florida
Florida Geologic Map

Geology of Florida

Geology Museums
Florida Museum of Natural History
Florida Museum of Natural History- Wikipedia
Daytona Beach- Museum of Arts and Sciences

Florida Hydrogeology - Florida Geological Survey

Florida Karst

Florida maps from Omnimap.com, world leader in map supply.

Minerals from Florida
Florida minerals
Guide to Rocks and Minerals of Florida

Oil and Gas
Florida-Oil and Gas Maps

phosphate mining

Raised Topographic Map
GIF image 900x853 pixels

Rocks and Minerals of Florida
Amazon.com: buying info: Guide to Florida Rocks, Minerals, Fossils
Florida Geological Survey - Rocks and Minerals

Sarasota Fieldtrip

Satellite Photos
satellite photos of Florida

Sedimentary Formations
sedimentary formations of Florida

Blue Grotto sinkhole
Sinkhole swallows Florida man  (video)
sinkhole draining of Lake Jackson
Sinkholes - Florida Geological Survey
sinkhole problems
sinkhole-Winter Park, Florida

Springs of Florida