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Anchor Bay
Anchor Bay turbidites-
Cochise College

Anza Borrego
Stratigraphy and Tectonics-Anza Borrego
Anza-Borrego Desert State Park- Wikipedia

Beck Spring Iron Deposit

Bishop Tuff
Bishop tuff-
Cochise College

Bodega Head
Geology of Bodega Head
Bodega Head - Wikipedia

Cajon Pass
Cajon Pass- Wikipedia

Calaveras Fault
Fault creep along the Calaveras in Hollister, California

Calico Mining District
Calico Mining District

California Geological Survey
California Geological Survey

California State Parks
Welcome California State Parks

Catalina Island
Views of Catalina Island Geology -Cochise College
Santa Catalina Island-Wikipedia

Caverns of California - guided cave tours and spelunking site
List of California Caves

Cenozoic Volcanics
Cenozoic Volcanism of Coastal California

Channel Islands
Channel Islands- NPS
Channel Islands- Geology Video **
Channel Islands Formation

Coalinga earthquake
1983 Coalinga earthquake- Wikipedia
Coalinga Earthquake photos

views of the California Coastline-Cochise College

colemanite from Boron, California-
Cochise College

Colosseum Mine
Colosseum Mine

Death Valley
Death Valley Geology- Wikipedia
Death Valley Formations
Death Valley Field Trip
Death Valley video

Devils Postpile
Views of Devils Postpile- Cochise College
Devils Postpile
Devils Postpile- NPS
Geologic History- Devils Postpile

1994 Northridge Earthquake- Wikipedia
Northridge Earthquake-lessons learned

Earthquakes-San Francisco
Museum of the City of San Francisco - 1906 Earthquake and Fire
Quake: 1906 San Francisco Quake
Recent Earthquakes for Long_Valley
Recent Earthquakes in California and Nevada - Index Map

Fossil Collecting
Collecting Fossils in California

Collecting Fossils in California
Marble Mountains
Harlan's Ground Sloth Skeleton -Cochise College
Harlan's Ground Sloth Skull -Cochise College
Mammoth Skeleton-La Brea -Cochise College
Miohippus-3 toed horse -Cochise College
Fossil Horse-La Brea -Cochise College
Camel Skull-La Brea -Cochise College
Peccary Skull-La Brea -Cochise College
Antique  Bison Skull-La  Brea -Cochise College
Saber Tooth Cat Skeleton -Cochise College
Saber Tooth Cat Skull -Cochise College
American Lion Skull-La Brea -Cochise College
Dire wolf Skeleton-La Brea -Cochise Geology

Gem and Mineral Clubs
Club Sites
Convair Rockhound Association

Geologic Map of California
Interactive geologic map of California **
Geologic Maps of California

Geology Museums
George C. Page Museum
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County Home Page
Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History


The Geysers
The Geysers-Wikipedia
Old Faithful Geyser of California

hanksite from Trona, California-
Cochise College

Hayward Fault
Hayward Fault Zone- Wikipedia
Hayward Fault Earthquake

Himalaya Mine
Minerals of the Himalaya Mine

howlite from Lang, California-
Cochise College

Imperial Sand Dunes
Imperial Sand Dunes-Desert USA
Imperial Sand Dunes- Cochise College

Independence Dike Swarm
Independence Dike Swarm- Wikipedia
Independence Dike Swarm- abstract

Jade Boulder from Monterey Bay- Cochise College
Jade Pebble- Cochise College
Large Jade Pebble-Cooking Stone- Cochise College

Kelso Sand Dunes
Kelso Dunes- Wikipedia

Kelso Dunes- USGS

La Brea Tar Pits
George C. Page Museum

Laguna Beach
Views of Laguna Beach- Cochise College

Lassen Peak
Views of Lassen Peak- Cochise College

Los Angeles
geologic maps of the Los Angeles area- Cochise College

magnetite sand from Los Angeles- Cochise College

Malibu coastline- Cochise College

California maps from Omni Resources - International Map & Guidebook Specialists.

Medicine Lake
Geology of Medicine Lake

Franciscan Rocks

Mineralogical Society of Southern California
Bulletin of the Mineralogical Society of Southern California

Minerals from California
Barite -Cochise College
Barkevikite -Cochise College
Borax -Cochise College
Chlorite -Cochise College
Colemanite -Cochise College
Glauberite -Cochise College
Orthoclase -Cochise College
Glaucophane -Cochise College
Halite -Cochise College
Hanksite -Cochise College
Howlite- Cochise College
Kernite- Cochise College
Lepidolite -Cochise College
Magnetite Sand -Cochise College
Meneghinite -Cochise College
Meyerhofferite -Cochise College
Monticellite -Cochise College
Riebeckite -Cochise College
Rutile -Cochise College
Serpentine -Cochise College
Smoky Quartz -Cochise College
Spodumene -Cochise College
Sulphohalite -Cochise College
Tincalconite -Cochise College
Tourmaline-Green -Cochise College
Tourmaline-Rubellite -Cochise College

Mohawk Mine
Mohawk Mine/Copper World Mine

Mojave Desert
Geology of the Mojave Desert

Mojave Desert- Wikipedia

Mono Craters area
Views of the Mono Craters area- Cochise College
geologic maps of the Mono Lake area- Cochise College

Monterey Bay
Geology and Coastal Hazards in the Northern Monterey Bay, California, Field Trip Guidebook

Monterey Formation
Monterey Formation

Mountain Pass-Rare Earth Mine
Mountain Pass Rare Earth Mine

Mount Whitney
Mt. Whitney glacial features- Cochise College
Mt. Whitney granite features- Cochise College

Natural Bridges State Park
Natural Bridges State Park Geology- Wikipedia

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County Home Page

spherulitic obsidian-Salton Sea area
Cochise College
dull obsidian-Salton Sea area-
Cochise College
flow banded obsidian-Salton Sea area-
Cochise College

Owens Valley
Owens Valley Minerals

Palmdale Bulge
The Palmdale Bulge-Time
Battle of the Palmdale Bulge
The Palmdale Bulge
Palmdale Roadcut

Palos Verdes
Palos Verdes landslides
Palos Verdes map (slow to load)
Palos Verdes Peninsula geology

Petersen Peak-Quartz Crystals
Quartz Crystal, Petersen Peak, California, Nevada

Pisgah Crater
Pisgah Crater- Wikipedia
Pisgah Crater Lava Tubes- video

pitchstone from Mono Lake area-
Cochise College

Point Fermin
Point Fermin- The Sunken City

Portuguese Bend Landslide
Portuguese Bend- Wikipedia
Portuguese Bend Field Trip
Portuguese Bend Landslide Video *

commercial pumice-Mono Lake area-
Cochise College
black pumice-Mono Lake area
Cochise College
pumice from Salton Sea area-
Cochise College
pumicite from Bishop, California-
Cochise College

Rainbow Basin
Rainbow Basin Field Trip

Raised Topographic Map
GIF image 761x900 pixels

Salton Sea
Salton Trough
Salton Sea
Salton Sea- Wikipedia

St. Francis Dam
St. Francis Dam

San Andreas Fault
The San Andreas fault and the Bay Area

The San Andreas Fault - Contents
San Andreas Fault- Victoria Hermosilla
Cochise College

San Diego Natural History Museum
San Diego Natural History Museum

San Joaquin Valley
San Joaquin Valley Geology
San Joaquin Hills- Wikipedia

Santa Clarita Valley
Geology of the Santa Clarita Valley

Santa Monica
Santa Monica- Cochise College

Serpentine from California-A- Cochise College
Serpentine from California-B- Cochise College
Serpentine from California-C- Cochise College
Serpentine from California-D- Cochise College

Sierra Nevada Mountains
Sierra glaciations
Singing and Booming Sand Dunes
Singing and Booming Sand Dunes - A

Sixteen to One Mine
Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc.

Snow White Talc Mine
Snow White Talc Mine

Is California Falling into the Ocean? Kelsey Rasmussen
Cochise College

andesite-dacite tuff breccia-Barstow-
Cochise College
dacite welded tuff-Barstow-
Cochise College
andesitic mudflow tuff-Jacumba-
Cochise College
lithic tuff-Garlock-
Cochise College
palagonite tuff-Tecopa-
Cochise College
rhyolite lithic welded tuff-Barstow-
Cochise College
rhyolite-obsidian welded tuff-Shoshone-
Cochise College
baked volcanic ash-Alturas-
Cochise College

Anchor Bay turbidites- Cochise College
Turbidites- Cochise College
Turbidites Cut by Faults-A- Cochise College
Turbidites Cut by Faults-B- Cochise College

CVO Menu - America's Volcanic Past - California
CVO Menu - California Volcanoes and Volcanics
CVO Website - Wright and Pierson, 1992, Active and Potentially Active Volcanoes in the United States

Volcanics-Amoy Crater
CVO Menu - Amboy Crater and Lava Field, California

Volcanics-Black Butte
CVO Menu - Black Butte, California

Volcanics- Clear Lake Volcanic Area
CVO Menu - Clear Lake Volcanic Field, California

Volcanics-Coso Volcanic Field
CVO Menu - Coso Volcanic Field, California

Volcanics-Golden Trout Creek Volcanics
CVO Menu - Golden Trout Creek Volcanic Field, California

Volcanics-Inyo/Mono area
CVO Menu - Inyo - Mono Vicinity, California

Volcanics-Lassen Peak
CVO Menu - Clynne,, 2000, How Old is "Cinder Cone"? -- Solving a Mystery in Lassen Volcanic Park, California
CVO Menu - Lassen Peak, California
GORP Lassen Volcanic National Park, Travel Tourism and Recreation Guide, Outdoor Recreation
 Mt. Lassen

Volcanics-Long Valley Caldera
Current Condition at Long Valley Caldera, California
CVO Menu - Long Valley - Mammoth - Inyo - Mono Vicinity, California
CVO Menu - Long Valley Vicinity - Maps and Graphics

CVO Website - Long Valley Vicinity - Map

Photo Gallery of the Long Valley Caldera and Mono-Inyo Craters volcanic chain, California
Maps of the Long Valley caldera- Cochise College

Volcanics-Medicine Lake and Lava Beds
CVO Website - Donnelly-Nolan and Nolan, 1986, Catastrophic Flooding and Eruption of Ash-Flow Tuff at Medicine Lake Volcano, California
CVO Menu - Medicine Lake and Lava Beds National Monument Vicinity, California

Volcanics- Mount Shasta
CVO Menu - Mount Shasta, California
CVO Menu - Mount Shasta Glaciers and Glaciations
Mt. Shasta
Volcanics-Salton Buttes
CVO Menu - Salton Buttes, California

War Eagle Mine, Tecopa
War Eagle Mine

Waterman Mine-Barstow
Barite in the Waterman Hills occurs in two northwest striking veins

White-Inyo Mountains
The White-Inyo Mountains

Roadside Geology of Yosemite Valley
Views of Yosemite-
Cochise College
Yosemite Geology- Wikipedia
Yosemite National Park

Roadside Geology of Yosemite Valley