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Roger Weller, geology instructor    3/26/18  

rope silver from Tombstone, Arizona


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Tectonics- References
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Tectonic Map of Southeastern Arizona-USGS

Tectonics- Sonoran Desert- Reference
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Tempe Butte
Tempe Butte-virtual geology field trip

Tiger Mine
minerals from Mammoth mine, Tiger, Arizona

Geology of the Tombstone Hills- Cochise College
Early Tombstone Geology- Kathleen Pennington -Cochise College

Topographic Map of Arizona
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Tonto National Forest
American West Travelogue - Tonto National Forest, Arizona

Tonto Natural Bridge
Tonto Natural Bridge Noel Adams Cochise College

Toroweap Formation
Toroweap Formation

Transition Zone
Transition Zone geology

Tree Ring Lab- UofA
The Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research

Tucson Mountains
Cat Mountain debris Flow, Tucson Mountains- Cochise College
Geology of the Tucson Mountains- Cochise College

Twin Buttes Mine
Twin Buttes mine, Pima County, Arizona

Unikaret Volcanic Field
Unikaret, AZ

Uranium in Arizona- Reference
Geochemistry of Arizona - NURE HSSR data
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Virtual Geology Field Trips
Tempe Butte

Volcanoes in Arizona
CVO Menu - Arizona Volcanoes and Volcanics
CVO Website - Arizona Volcanoes and Volcanics
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Walnut Canyon
Walnut Canyon National Monument (National Park Service)

Walnut Gulch experimental watershed
Walnut Gulch Experimental Watershed

Whetstone Mountains
Geology of the Whetstone Mountains- Cochise College
French Joe Canyon, Whetstone Mountains- Brenda Shannon- Cochise College
Whetstone Mountains (4015) Aeromagnetic Map

White Tank Mountains
view of the White Tank Mountains

Willcox Playa
Geology of the Willcox Playa- Cochise College

Winchester Mountains
Geology of the Winchester Mountains- Cochise College