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Roger Weller, geology instructor    3/26/18  

Flagstaff area

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Devonian fossils
Arizona Devonian fossils

Devonian Rocks in Arizona- Reference
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dinosaurs from Arizona

Dinosaurs- Tuba City
dinosaur tracks
dinosaur barn dance

Dinosaurs- Museum of Northern Arizona
Desert Dinosaur Hunting Grounds (DesertUSA)

Dinosaurs- Whetstone Mountains- Sonorasaurus
Sonorasaurus-Enchanted Learning
a microscopic look at the Sonorasaurus site
Pima County’s grand dinosaur

Dos Cabezas Mountains
Geology of the Dos Cabezas Mountains- Cochise College

Dragoon Mountains
Geology of the Dragoon Mountains- Cochise College
Dragoon Mountains- Mark Alexander -Cochise College

Duquesne-Washington Camp
brief history of Duquesne, southern Arizona
Holland mine-Duquesne
Earthquakes in Arizona
Arizona and New Mexico
List of Recent Earthquakes for Yuma, Arizona

Earp Formation
Earp formation Fossils

Empire Mountains
Geology of the Empire Mountains- Cochise College

Escabrosa Limestone
Escabrosa Limestone Fossils
views of the Escabrosa Limestone- Cochise College

Faults in Arizona
faults in Arizona-map

Flagstaff Area Volcanics- Cochise College

Flagstaff Quadrangle
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Fort Apache Formation
Fort Apache member of Supai

Grand Hikes: Stromatolites in the Hakatai Shale
fossils in the Benson area
Southern Arizona Fossils *
Misc. Arizona Fossils of Unknown Age *

Four Corners

Four Peaks

Galiuro Mountains
Geology of the Muleshoe Preserve

Gem and Mineral Clubs
Sedona/Oak Creek Gem & Mineral Club

Geologic History of Arizona

Geologic Map of Arizona
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Geologic Provinces of Arizona
Arizona Roadside Environments - REGIONAL GEOLOGY

Geology Departments in Arizona
NAU Geology Department
Department of Geosciences, University of Arizona

Geology References on Arizona
Resume of Arizona Geology

Glen Canyon
Glen Canyon/Lake Powell -- Geology

brief history of Globe, Arizona

Gold in Arizona
Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine

Gold Prospecting
Arizona gold prospecting
Gold- Placer Deposits in Arizona
Placer Deposits in Arizona

Government Butte, Cochise County
Views of Government Butte- Cochise College

Grand Canyon Views
Grand Canyon Photos (14)- Cochise College

Grand Canyon Caverns
Grand Canyon Caverns
Grand Canyon Caverns-Desert USA

Grand Canyon- Comanche Point
Grand Hikes: Comanche Point Vicinity Hike

Grand Canyon- Geology
The Geology of the Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon Rock Layers
Grand Canyon National Park stratigraphy
Grand Hikes: Geology Overview
Grand Canyon Overview

Grand Canyon Formations
Grand Canyon formations

Grand Canyon Quadrangle
USGS Geologic Investigations Series I-2688: Geologic Map of the Grand Canyon
Groundwater in Cochise County- Jane M. Scholer Cochise College

Havasu Canyon

Hayden-79 Mine
79 mine in Hayden
aurichalcite and hemimorphite from Hayden

Hermit Shale
Hermit Shale

Hieroglyphic Mountains- Reference
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Hopi Buttes Diatremes

Hoover Dam
Hoover Dam geology

Horquilla Formation (Pennsylvanian)
Horquilla Formation Fossils

Hot Springs in Arizona
Other Renewables in Arizona: Geothermal Power

Huachuca Mountains
Geology of the Huachuca Mountains- Cochise College
Huachuca Mountains
Hiking trails in the Huachucas
Mining in the Huachuca Mountains-David Swackhammer -Cochise College
Huachuca Mountains-Ramsey Canyon -Jarrod Swackhammer -Cochise College

Hydrothermal alteration
Hydrothermal alteration -Micah Hill
-Cochise College

Iron Springs Quadrangle
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United Verde Mine, Jerome, Arizona
The Town with the Billion Dollar View

Jerome- References
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Johnny Lyon Hills, Cochise County
Published References on the Geology of The Johnny Lyon Hills-
Cochise College