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Roger Weller, geology instructor    3/26/18  

polished Apache Tears (obsidian)

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Amole Arkose
Amole Arkose-field photos

Apache Tears
Rough, unpolished Apache tears- Cochise College
Tumble polished Apache tears- Cochise College

Aravaipa Creek
Views of Aravaipa Creek-
Cochise College


Arizona Geological Society
Arizona Geological Society Home Page
Arizona Geological Society Publications

Arizona Geological Survey
Arizona Geological Survey Publications
Arizona Highway Geologic Map
Product Information Page

Arizona Meteor Crater
Arizona Meteor Crater Photos (11)- Cochise College

Arizona Science Center

Arizona/Sonora Desert Museum
Welcome to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Homepage
Asarco Mineral Discovery Center
ASCARCO Mineral Discovery Center

Ash Fork Quadrangle
Product Information Page

minerals from Bagdad-Mindat
Basin and Range Province
geology of the Saguaro-Juniper area
Basin and Range Province
Three Basic Provinces

fossils in the Benson area

Bibliography of Arizona Geology
Bibliography of Arizona Geology- Cochise College

Bisbee- Geology
Published references on the geology of the Mule Mountains and Bisbee- Cochise College
Maps of the Mule Mountains and Bisbee- Cochise College

Bisbee- History
Historic Views of Old Bisbee- Cochise College
Published References on Mines and Mining in Bisbee- Cochise College

Bisbee- Lavender Pit
Aerial View of the Lavender Pit- Cochise College
View of East Side of the Lavender Pit- Cochise College
View of the West Side of the Lavender Pit- Cochise College
Acid Pond at the Bottom of the Lavender Pit- Cochise College

Bisbee Minerals
Published References on the Minerals of Bisbee- Cochise College
minerals from Bisbee

Bisbee Minerals-Amethyst
Bisbee amethyst photo A- Cochise College
Bisbee amethyst photo B- Cochise College

Bisbee Minerals-Aragonite
Bisbee aragonite photo- Cochise College

Bisbee Minerals-Aurichalcite
Bisbee aurichalcite photos (3)- Cochise College

Bisbee Minerals-Azurite
Bisbee azurite photos (19)- Cochise College
Special Relationship Between Azurite and Malachite- Jesse Smith- Cochise College

Bisbee Minerals-Brochantite
Bisbee brochantite photos (4)- Cochise College

Bisbee Minerals-Calcite
Bisbee calcite photos (34)- Cochise College

Bisbee Minerals-Chalcanthite
Bisbee Chalcanthite photo- Cochise College

Bisbee Minerals-Chrysocolla
Bisbee chrysocolla photos (7)- Cochise College

Bisbee Minerals-Copper
Bisbee copper photos (30)- Cochise College

Bisbee Minerals-Cuprite
Bisbee cuprite photos (18)- Cochise College

Bisbee Minerals-Malachite
Bisbee malachite photos (51)- Cochise College
Bisbee malachite cabochon- Cochise College

Bisbee Minerals-Turquoise
Bisbee turquoise photos (9)- Cochise College

Bisbee- Mining and Historical Museum
Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum

Bisbee-Queen Mine Tour
Queen Mine Tour
Bisbee mine tour
Bisbee Mine Tour- Cochise College

Bolsa Quartzite
images of the Bolsa Quartzite -Cochise College
Bolsa Quartzite Photo

Boulder Dam
Product Information Page

Breccia Pipes
Product Information Page
Product Information Page
Product Information Page

Bright Angel Shale
Bright Angel Shale

Camp Verde
Camp Verde salt mine

Canelo Hills
Published References on the Geology of the Canelo Hills- Cochise College

Canyon De Chelley
Canyon De Chelly map
Canyon De Chelly stratigraphy

Castle Hot Springs
Castle Hot Springs located in Arizona

Colossal Cave, Tucson area
Colossal Cave- Rose Phillips -Cochise College
Kartchner Caverns State Park, Benson, Arizona
mineralogy of Kartchner Caverns
Cave of the Bells-Coronado National Forest
Grand Canyon Caverns
Arizona cave tours-map
Arizona cave protection law
Arizona Cave Survey  

Chinle Formation

Chino Valley- References
Product Information Page

Chiricahua Mountains
Geology of the Chiricahua Mountains- Cochise College
Hiking in the Chiricahua National Monument- Vivian Lewis- Cochise College *
Chiricahua National Park, Arizona- Kim McGee -Cochise College
Chiricahua Mountains from the Air- Charles Garrett -Cochise College
Chiricahua gallery
Chiricahua National Monument (National Park Service)
volcanic hailstones-Chiricahuas

Christmas Mine
Christmas Mine, Gila County-references

Clarkdale Quadrangle
Product Information Page

Coal- References
Product Information Page

Cochise County
Ghost Towns of Cochise County- Joel Hocker- Cochise College

Coconino Sandstone
Coconino Sandstone
Colorado Plateau
Stratigraphy and Sedimentology on the Colorado Plateau
Three Basic Provinces
Neogene Uplift History of the Colorado Plateau
Colorado Plateau geology
paleogeography of the Colorado Plateau
geologic formations of the Colorado Plateau
stratigraphic columns for the Colorado Plateau

Colorado River
Colorado River Tour- Cochise College
Colorado River-Samantha Mickens
-Cochise College

Colossal Cave
Colossal Cave, Tucson area
Colossal Cave- Rose Phillips
-Cochise College

Concha Formation
Concha Formation Fossils

Copper Creek mine, Galiuro mountains
historic photos of Copper Creek mine

Copper Mining in Arizona
The Worries of a Copper Miner
-Cochise College

Coronado National Forest
Coronado National Forest- Carol Hardin -Cochise College
Courtland/Gleeson mining district
Chrysocolla specimens from Courtland:  1  2  3  4 -Cochise College