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Here is a collection of videos on YouTube
Great for Introductory Astronomy Classes
number of videos:  63

last edited 11/24/15
Note:  These videos come and go;
many just suddenly disappear.
In many cases you will need to skip the ad                                                                    
in order to see the presentation.

Just click on any of the following topics:


            Mysterious Mercury
            Planet  Mercury
            Mercury- The Dead Planet
            Mercury: Exploration of a Planet
            What is Mercury?

            Venus-The Deadliest Planet
            Venus- Death of a Planet (long video)                                                                    
            Venus- weather and atmosphere
            Best radar Images of Venus
            Venus Mapping Results
            Venus-South Polar Cyclone
            Venus- Runaway Greenhouse Effect
            Volcanoes on Venus


            Direct From The Moon (long video)
            NASA-Tour of the Moon
            NASA-Evolution of the Moon
            NASA-Structure of the Moon
            Birth of the Moon
            New Images of the Moon                                                                                                  
            Lunar Geology
            Understanding Geology of the Moon


Secret Story of Planet Mars  (long video)*
10 Amazing Facts About Mars
Mars Geology Continues To Baffle Scientists
Why Mars Died and Earth Lived
The Asteroid that Flattened Mars
Mars- Lightning Scarred Planet (long video)
Catastrophic Model of Mars Geology
Field Geology on Mars  (long video)
Rotating Globe of Martian Geology
Welcome to Mars  (long video)*
Geology of Mars
Mars Polar Caps
Candor Chasma on Mars                                                         
Strange Geology on Planet Mars
Flying Over Valles Marineris*
Tharsis, Hellas, and Valles Marineris
Mars Volcanoes
Olympus Mons Scarp
Mars Largest Volcano
Dry Ice Polar Caps of Mars

Jupiter and Its Moons

Mission Juno*
Why Jupiter Has A Red Spot
Shrinking Red Spot
Impacts on Jupiter
Jupiterís Moons                                                      
General Overview
Jupiterís Moons*
Jupiterís Moon Io: A volcanic inferno 
Jupiterís Moon Io erupts
Electrical  Volcanoes of Jupiterís Moon 
Io- moon of Jupiter

Jupiterís Moon Europa                                                       
The Hidden Ocean of Europa
Journey to Europa (long video)
Mission to Explore Jupiterís Moon Europa
Europa- Plate Tectonics*

Jupiterís Moon Ganymede
Jupiterís Largest Moon- Ganymede
Map of Ganymede

Callisto-Jupiterís Dead Moon
Callisto Rotation
Callisto Ė Moon of Jupiter
Jupiterís Ice Moon