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Roger Weller, geology instructor                                 

Physical Geology Topics
The following 25 geology web pages were developed
by Cochise College students.
Materials contained within these presentations are from many sources.
These web pages are intended only for non-commercial educational uses.

igneous rocks articles

           Columnar Jointing- Sang Marzan (Spring 2009)
           Igneous Rocks-
Ryan Rohr (Fall 2012)
           Hunting for Thundereggs-
Caitlin McPhillips (Fall 2010)
           Making Thin Sections-
Jill Forsythe (Summer 2003)
           Apache Tears (Obsidian)- Erica Mallett (Fall 2011)

Marciela Cordero (Spring 2008)
           Obsidian Obsession- Stormy Wall  (Spring 2005)
           Pumice Rafts-
Daniel Quarto  (Fall 2007)
           Pumice, The Rock Not Scared of Water-
                       Scott Meyers (Spring 2011)
           Volcanic Bombs- Travis Clay (Spring 2014)

sedimentary rock articles

oil shale

           Coal- James Cleveland (Spring 2009)
           Oil Shale- Jocelynn Snoozy  (Fall 2004)
      Inferno Beneath Silent Hill: The Underground Coal Fires of Centralia-
                        Aaron Bradley (Spring 2015)

           Diatomaceous Earth- Frederick Bissonnette (Fall 2011)
           The Fountain Formation, Colorado (sandstone)
                        Janae Kremer (Fall 2008)

           Construction of the Egyptian Pyramids (limestone)                                  
                        Michelle Vasquez  (Spring 2006)
           A Brief History of Amber-
                        Suzanne Brandl
             (more than 15 seconds to download due to
              large, but beautiful photos)  (Spring 2005)

metamorphism articles


         A Gneiss Story-Metamorphic Rocks-
                       Sean Fossgreen (Fall 2009)         
         Hydrothermal Alteration- Micah Hill  (Spring 2006)
 Metamophism- Geri Norris  (Spring 2010)
Jade vs. Serpentine- Amanda Couch (Spring 2011)
         Kyanite- Darryl Thompson (Spring 2012)
 Marble, Loved by the Ancient Greeks and Romans-
                      Rose Witkowski (Fall 2011)
         Metamorphism- Theresa Tate  (Fall 2007)
         Staurolite- Keriann Grisham (Fall 2009)